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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Goku for Smash 5? I say YES!

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Should Goku Join Smash 5?

Yes 32 44.44%
No 38 52.78%
Broly 2 2.78%
Snoorlax said:
VGPolyglot said:

Yeah, there are other all-star games that make more sense, actually he is in J-Star Victory VS.

The problem with this argument is that

- Shonen Jump/ J-Star all star games are mostly Japan exclusive.

- Jump all star are mediocre games

- Practically no one cares about these games over here in the west unlike Smash.

It would be a huge waste to not have Goku in Smash since he's well known and beloved worldwide and he fits in the game.

DAXFM said:
Goku 4 Smash

4 Smash!!

The one I listed was released in the West, and I think most people not caring about it isn't that big of a deal since at least it's still available for people to enjoy, as for it being mediocre well not much to say about that.