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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Are Nintendo fans more racist than PlayStation fans and Xbox fans?


Are Nintendo fans racist?

No 29 51.79%
Only the white ones 27 48.21%

I know, right?

I mean, just take a look at what some people think of BotW:


"Wow. I can’t believe it. I’ve waited so for this game. Ever since it was announced that it would come out I’ve been marking my calendar, obsessing, yearning for this game to come out – and THIS is what I get? A racist, sexist mess? A game that literally has no story, bad graphics and which subjugates women and promotes nazism? Like REALLY? How could you let me down Nintendo. Hold me back – I COUNTED ON YOU! This game is a disaster on ALL LEVELS. Anyone who likes this game must get their mind checked because they must be slightly DUMB – in case you haven’t realized what game I’m talking about, which you should have, because it’s in the title, DUH?, it’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

I’ve been a gamer for all my life. I’ve played everything from Angry Birds, to Mario to Candy Crush and as a professional game critic, I would certainly class myself as a pro-gamer. During my empowering gaming career as a gamer and a feminist, (I guess that makes me a gamer-feminist, a title I’m proud to hold), I’ve been on a journey to play games and change the world while doing so. The games I have played have been deep and socially just and have sometimes moved me to tears at how they have changed the world – and that’s why I was so excited for Zelda Breath of the Wild. I was so excited to pick up this Zelda game and play as Zelda, the little green boy who can save the world, but what I was faced with was a literal nightmare.

There is literally like no story. You wake up as some little boy named Zelda or Link or whatever and then the thing you’re supposed to do is basically just walk around. Like there’s literally no direction about what you’re supposed to do and it is obvious that the game is unfinished and that they forgot to include like instructions on where to go and people who tell you where to go. Like do they really just expect you to walk around like some kind of idiot? And like even when you stumble into the next stage of the story, the entire story is like Link saving some white ass princess from a tower. Like could they literally not have come up with a more original idea? The old damsel in distress trope rears its ugly head again. Ughhh. And what are these four divine beasts? Like animal cruelty much taking control over animals or whatever. Yuck.

And there’s a Nazi dimension to it too. Like it’s so obvious that Link is supposed to be this perfect “Aryan” little boy and they’re literally portraying other races, such as jews, as some kinds of goblins that you can kill and get money and stuff from. Like SERIOUSLY? You’re gonna make your hero out to be this little blonde, blue eyed boy and the enemies (the jews and other “lesser” races) look like monsters and shit? What. The. Fuck. Nintendo. As a transperson of considerable color, this is an affront to my entire existence, I am literally getting death threats in my dreams from this Link character and I haven’t even played the game – Literally. Like, why couldn’t you have made Link into this strong queerperson of color or a transperson of a larger size and really shown the bravery and courage that people like us go through? Instead they literally use a little boy that Hitler would lift up and kiss on the forehead for being “O so perfect”.

And like the graphics killed me. Like, you can clearly tell that the trees and grass aren’t real. And the people hardly look like people, they look like some cartoony pieces of shit. Like did they really think people would think that was real? It’s so obvious that it’s not real. Like, I have a niece and this basically looks like the cartoons she watches in the morning, not real life. I have played other games with much better graphics and these games were on the Playstation and that’s literally much more life-like and cool. So what are you doing Nintendo? Do you seriously think we buy that shit? Do you seriously we think your little animations look realistic? The answer is NO!

To summarize, this game is one of the worst games I’ve ever played. It’s a sexist mess with nazi overtones and bad graphics and bad story. If you like this game, there’s obviously something wrong with you. I would give this game 0/10 if it wasn’t for the inspiring transgender nod in the Geruldo desert, so I give it 3/10. But it’s still a piece of shit. Discuss this review under #StinkOfTheWild"


SJW parody review, if anyone missed the obvious

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RolStoppable said:
SpokenTruth said:
They must hate purple people too (GameCube).


My experience is that it's generally omitted that the GC was available in black since its launch day. I suspect that such people do it because they are obsessively politically correct and don't want to offend the black community when they blame the failure of the GC on the color of the console.

And let's not forget handles.  We've never seen one since.  Coincidence?  I think not.

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He looks  cute lol.

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Well some of my fav characters are non-white so you can depict me as a SJW on the spot

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Johnw1104 said:

Fun read, you should submit this to The Guardian ASAP.

they would run the article and put a serious spin on it, dont tempt them

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Please tell me you are trolling...

Flilix said:

Hey Hitler was the best Pokémon trainer in Europe during 9 years in 1933-1942.

Best Trainer with electric type pokémon I've ever seen ... Though they were all yellow ...

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I would never hate on anyone. Except the east Nepalese. They have it comin'

RolStoppable said:

Ever Oasis was a promising new IP released in 2017, but according to VGC estimates its sales amount to only 0.21m copies. The boxart depicts the black protagonist on the far right.

No accounting for taste from Nintendo fans.... but Ever Oasis is a frecking fantastic game.
I hope actual sales are higher than just 0,21m.