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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Are Nintendo fans more racist than PlayStation fans and Xbox fans?


Are Nintendo fans racist?

No 29 51.79%
Only the white ones 27 48.21%
Flilix said:

I'm now more convinced than ever that it is impossible for Pikachu to not be adorable.

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Nintendo fans have weird priorities. Like Rol.

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Slarvax said:
Nintendo fans have weird priorities. Like Rol.

Racist and reverse racist at the same time.

I totally agree. Hell, they built a video game market of systematic racism because there's no diversity in their characters. Where's my proof of this systematic racism in the gaming market? Well a bunch of us, gamers of color said that it's so. It's our lived experience. You don't believe there's systematic racism? Well, you're a white gu.... I mean you wouldn't have experienced it so of course it wouldn't exist to you. Our proof of systematic racism is purely anecdotal? Well, if enough people say they experienced it, it makes it...ya know...more credible....just more. errrr... #killwhitey #equalityforall #stopracism

NES and SNES were more white than N64 and they were more succesfull. Your theory seems to be 100% correct. I must now go and burn my Switch and wait for a new white better Switch to appear. Or maybe just buy a white PS4, but what will that make me? I am confused, maybe I should go to Delaware and inform that my race must be black, so then I can still be a racist and use my black PS4 and Switch ;D

Sorry fatslob, but my iq just dropped and I guess cannot be your friend anymore (joke :D :D :D)

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Johnw1104 said:

Fun read, you should submit this to The Guardian ASAP.

You know the funny thing is that there's a good chance they'd actually publish it! It's not too far off from there "Video Games are Far Right Extremist Indoctrinating Tools" article XD


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This only makes sense if you think Italians are white.

Bowser thinks it's debatable.

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You telling me to buy a Switch is like Youtube telling me to subscribe to black creators. Even though I already bought a Switch, I will never listen to you!

Johnw1104 said:

Fun read, you should submit this to The Guardian ASAP.

But... I have black Switches. I can't be racist.