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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Are Nintendo fans more racist than PlayStation fans and Xbox fans?


Are Nintendo fans racist?

No 29 51.79%
Only the white ones 27 48.21%

This only makes sense if you think Italians are white.

Bowser thinks it's debatable.

Last edited by Pyro as Bill - on 14 March 2018

Nov 2016 - NES outsells PS1 (JP)

Don't Play Stationary 4 ever. Switch!

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You telling me to buy a Switch is like Youtube telling me to subscribe to black creators. Even though I already bought a Switch, I will never listen to you!

Johnw1104 said:

Fun read, you should submit this to The Guardian ASAP.

But... I have black Switches. I can't be racist.

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Yes; next question.

This is the best satire of 2018.



Zach808 said:
But... I have black Switches. I can't be racist.

Read the OP again: you're in the clear if you own a Switch. If not... well, I guess you may as well be a racist.

Yes Nintendo are racist

I own a white, black and red Wii (couldn't find a yellow one; read: all Asians have to die!). So I guess if "every" Nintendo fan has to go to jail for racism, I'm fine.