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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Prediction: Kirby Star Allies will flop hard.

LuccaCardoso1 said:
xMetroid said:
It will sell 1-2 millions no doubt about that, but it could have done a lot better if the game was great but the studio was lazy and dropped the ball.

Nintendo need to change something cause every studio need fresh air. Zelda and Mario were successful but goddamn we are already back to having unambitious games. Mario Aces looks fine. Hopefully kirby is the only problem here.

Mario Tennis Aces seems to change A LOT from the last Mario Tennis game, so I wouldn't worry about lack of innovation there. Octopath Traveler also looks very original, so it's probably just a problem with Kirby (and maybe Yoshi, but we still haven't seen much of that).

Well Octopath isn't from Nintendo so yea still kirby that's a shame. Yoshi looks fine its clearly made for kids but it looks fresh atleast. Aces looks great yea but still i think falling at a Kirby game is a damn shame when its like the big title for a 4 month period.

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Even if it's not a perfect game there are tons of people with the Switch who need more games to play. Just by being a Nintendo release in a dearth of the Nintendo game releases for the system it will sell very, very well.

Many people seem to like Kirby games for some reason, so I'm sure it will do just fine.

It's pretty unfortunate that this game is considered mediocre. It looks beautiful and they listened to fans when they decided to return helpers and ability mixing, like a love letter to the franchise.

I guess they just made it too easy. They really need to ramp up the difficulty with these games. Just that alone would've probably guaranteed an 80 on Metacritic. They probably overestimated how powerful it is to have 4 allies and ability mixing. It's a cakewalk.

Anyways 2D Kirby has been getting stale lately anyway. They should try go 3D next

I don't like Kirby, but I'm guessing since lately everything Nintendo puts out soars and breaks records, I'm thinking Kirby will do fine. Besides regular people don't know or care about it's metascore. Wouldn't surprise me if it ends up among the higher selling entries in the series (discounting Dreamland since it's an outlier).

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I would rather say the opposite. It has amazing performance on amazon worldwide and no big competition on release date and is a lead up to labo which will pull more children into the switch userbase.
It will hit its target group and be a moderate success there. And game journalists are not in that target group which causes a bad metacritic score.

well for what its worth after my kids played the demo n fell in love I decided I would buy it...first kirby game i will ever buy in my 20+ yrs gaming

Nintendo is going to report shipped+digital is over 1 million by March 31 at the next quarterly results.

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It won´t. It´s silly to predict that based just on metascores.

It there´s anything to indicate potential kirby sales, it´s the historic sales of Kirby titles

On the 3ds, Planet Robobot sold 1,3 million, while Triple Deluxe sold 1,95 million. On Wii, Epic Yarn sold 2.1 million and Return to Dreamland sold 1,66. The odd one is Rainbow Course on the WiiU (0.68 million) but that game was barely advertised and the console had a very low install base compared to the others.

We should expect Star Allies to sell something between 1.0 - 1,5 million.

It should still reach a million with long long legs.