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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Prediction: Kirby Star Allies will flop hard.

The average customer doesnt really bother with meta scores. In fact I dont think most people really now what it even si.

And it's still 74.. that's not bad or anything, just not great.

Based on amazon pre-orders it's bound to outdo expectations in terms of sales. It's currently 1 in Canada, Japan, France, top 3 in Italy and spain, out of stock in Germany and US (where it was top 3 as best) and top 10 in the UK and Mexico.

It's gonna top 1M with ease, and I think it'll pass 2M as well.

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I should have known someone would bring that up.

Mainly, the metascore which is influenced mainly by it's easiness.
Technically if you look at different reviews. The game is getting mostly 7 and 8 scores which anything but good,lol.
The score would be around 77 if it wasn't for the two 45 it got, even though one of them that the game was good.(Man, way to reflect that).
I think the overall will go up with time in this case. User score will be around 8.8-9 like Robobot.
Heck, IGN and GameSpot which were infamous for their Triple Deluxe review gave the game pretty high scores.

Then, on the sales portion.
... Hahaha !!
Did you ever give a look at recent trends for Kirby games ? The games usually never do well in the first weeks but always end up with impressive legs to reach high sales.
This one looks to break the trend of low first week sales when you look at Amazon and other retailers. Also, we're talking about the first Switch exclusive launching this year.
IMO, the game will do it's first million before even the financial report at the end of March, easily.
Probably end up at 2,5M-3M LT.

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Even as someone who has zero interest in getting the game (it honestly looks way blander than the last few Kirby games), I will cut my hand off if it doesn't sell a million units.

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game will do just fine

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This'll be a fun thread to bump! Also lol at the idea that 74 is a bad score.

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Darwinianevolution said:
Triple Deluxe reached the million in the end, this can reach it too. Besides, Kirby games have decent legs, so even if the initial sales aren't great, it will sell for a long time.

yeah that kirby's epic yarn has been in and out the top 100 for years here 


2m is the floor imo. Ceiling is possibly 3m+. This is due to many factors, ie'. Strong Amazon preorders (It sold out in U.S. and U.K. Amazon!) Not much competition, 1st big Nintendo game this year and the "Switch effect", the fact that most Nintendo franchises are breaking their series' records on the Switch. I think the metascore will creep back over 75 too, so it will be seen as adequate. It seems to me those subpar scores are a little unfair, slating it for being too easy even though there are harder modes postgame.



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LuccaCardoso1 said:

I was waiting for the review to come out to see if the game was somewhat inovative, but with a metascore of 74, a kiddy and easy look, being a 2d platformer and being sold at full price, I doubt Kirby Star Allies will reach 1 million units sold.

I'd take the bet on the 1 million thing, though. Avatar control, by end of year?

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There is a reason why we get Kirby games on a yearly basis and have gotten multiple games in several years including spinoffs.

They are low cost and usually sell pretty well. They are not going to do blockbuster numbers most games but are very solid in terms of sales.

Half a mill on wiiu and u think this sequel will flop just because its not your type of game? Ill be this for my 5 yr old daughter perfect for her.