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Forums - General Discussion - Who do you predict will win World Cup 2018?


Who will win WC 2018?

Germany 21 26.58%
England 4 5.06%
Argentina 6 7.59%
Brazil 25 31.65%
Portugal 5 6.33%
Spain 1 1.27%
France 5 6.33%
Russia 2 2.53%
Others 10 12.66%

A team I wouldn't want to win like Germany or Brazil. I predict Germany. It would be awesome to see a team like Nigeria win it, though.

Also, why is this not in the sports section?

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I don't follow soccer too closely, but I know Germany always seems to be a strong contender. I'm not really expecting Germany to win, but it seems like the best bet.

I'm Argentinian, I want Argentina to win. But to be honest, we barely classified this time... So I can't see us going that far. I really hope neither Germany nor Brazil wins, I want some other team to have a chance to shine, Portugal, México, Colombia or an African team would be awesome.

Lol@ people saying England

Hopefully Argentina.

Brazil, 7-0 against Germany.

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I was going to say sweden but realistically uruguay

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Iceland 'cause I love a good underdog.

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England will win the World Cup.



I hope a Germany but I don’t think it’s likely. Brazil I say.

Most likely not the team who deserves it.

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