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Forums - General Discussion - Who do you predict will win World Cup 2018?


Who will win WC 2018?

Germany 21 26.58%
England 4 5.06%
Argentina 6 7.59%
Brazil 25 31.65%
Portugal 5 6.33%
Spain 1 1.27%
France 5 6.33%
Russia 2 2.53%
Others 10 12.66%

Brazil has a pretty competitive team and a good coach this time (Felipão is terrible). So... Brazil.

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Costa Rica - Brazil 1:1 (4:3 penalties)

Rogerioandrade said:
KLAMarine said:

Ooooops... wrong World Cup

Is there a hockey world cup? Hockey's like soccer on ice.

Netherlands!...oh wait...

Italy!...oh wait...

Guess I'll go with Sweden!!


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Yeah I think Brazil is taking it, they look too good right now.

Not that the World Cup is decided on looks, of course.

I think.

KLAMarine said:
Rogerioandrade said:

Ooooops... wrong World Cup

Is there a hockey world cup? Hockey's like soccer on ice.

Actually, they don´t call it "World Cup".... they call it World Championships, but, yeah, it´s the equivalent of a soccer World Cup 

Canada was runner-up last time. This year, the competition will be hosted by lovely Denmark:

fory77 said:
Costa Rica - Brazil 1:1 (4:3 penalties)

That would be awesome!

Surprised how low Spain is in the vote. I'd put them as my third choice to win. Is Russia any good I thought they'd have less chance than England although saying that as host country and terrible cheats they might come up with something. Probably the plane carrying the Brazilian team and plane carrying the German team will collide with each other.