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Out of 10

10 47 23.27%
9 49 24.26%
8 36 17.82%
7 28 13.86%
6 18 8.91%
5 6 2.97%
4 5 2.48%
3 5 2.48%
2 3 1.49%
1 5 2.48%

Didn't even watch it and barely knew about it, but from the threads and articles it gave birth to I can say it is a 10 out of 10 for me.

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I give it a 7. Some cool announcements.

Captain Toad + Crash Trilogy + South Park = good ports

New Smash in 2018...

This is a 8/10 direct.

I want to believe thay they are saving all their big announcements for E3

6/10. It was a good direct, but port-heavy (why isn't WarioWare coming to Switch? It boggles the mind), and no Fire Emblem or Pikmin is super disappointing to me.

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The_Liquid_Laser said:

Not disappointing and not amazing. Other than Smash Bros, the other new games announced were ports. Got some new details on games that we already knew about. Got a tiny little tease of Smash Bros. All of this is decent, but not a lot of "wow" factor either. Really this is exactly what I expected from this direct. (Also I still think Switch will have a disappointing year.)

They barely showed us anything for August and beyond yet. The second half of the year is when most of the big games get released, So far, I think 2018 looks just as good as 2017, which was Nintendo's biggest year in a long time.

10, no question.

Okami HD? Check. Never thought it'd happen but here we are. With motion and touch controls!
N. Sane Trilogy? Check. Again, didn't think this would happen but here it is.
Awesome single-player Splatoon 2 DLC? Check. Always wanted Splatoon to go more in-depth with the single-player.
S M A S H B R O S . ? Check.

Yeah, I'm good.

I expected twenty minutes of Mario Tennis, five minutes of Kirby, and five minutes of indie games in which I had no real interest...
Given how low my expectations were and how much of a blowout it was in comparison, I'll actually give it a ten...

Have a nice day...


I still can’t find a reason to own a Switch. Although I did appreciate the Die Antwoord nod during the Splatoon 2 DLC reveal.

Maybe I’ve finally outgrown Nintendo. I did box up my WiiU shortly after I tired of BotW.

Also, racket damage in Tennis?  They’re carrying over the worst aspect of BotW!?!  Why?

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Where the hell am I supposed to find the time to play all these games!?