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Forums - Sony Discussion - Horizon Zero Dawn sells 7.6 million copies in its first year.

Yeah a couple times it came up I looked up the numbers for Horizon and thought they seemed far too low. ~8 million seems more accurate.

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weird, didn't think Sony games sold on Sony systems

think-man said:
CGI-Quality said:
You were beaten by a minute:


I thought mine was first 

Lol If only I didn't bother thinking on what to copy on the playstation blog. Mine would have been first but that's fine.

I got excited when I saw it. 7.8 Million is high! It's on par with UC4 now and this will continue to sell with bundling and discounts.
It's just a shame that GG will not do expansion DLC anymore. Hopefully with HZD 2 they will support it with post free DLC expansion and with couple more of paid DLC down the line. 
Also, I hope they put Multiplayer aswell. Where you can hunt with friends. I think that is a missed opportunity for GG. 

celador said:
weird, didn't think Sony games sold on Sony systems

Forgot the /s

Wow, I would have guess it was at around 6.5-6.9m not 7.6m.

Very impressive sales for any game, much less a new IP.

This might be the most successful new IP launch (on a single platform) in recent history.

Shot past my initial 6m lifetime prediction. And way WAY past some that thought 3m was the max it could do.

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Great numbers, now give me Horizon 2 as PS5 launch title pls

Time to bring out the horizon sales prediction threads. I can't remember if I predicted or not but I certainly didn't think it was this high.

Absolutely great sales, even more when you consider this is a new IP and previous games made by the developer didn't sell nearly as well as this one.

What are the biggest new IPs this gen?

Mar1217 said:
Errorist76 said:
Holy shit...that’s more than expected. Seems to have sold well during the holidays.

These flash sales at 20$ pricepoint were quite effective to revigor the game's legs

Really now, what insider gave you that information?

Anyway, awesome sales for a game that didn't even exist a year before.  Much deserved.

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title is wrong. its 7.6 million not 7.8