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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - After Playing Nintendo Switch I think Microsoft should Make 2 consoles in 2021-2022

Meh. MS is welcome to try. I don't think it will go that well. They reeeeeaaallllyyyy need to build or buy studios to bolster it's game production for this gen and the one after.

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Perhaps Microsoft should better focus first on how to attract consumers outside of United States.

Or none. Never forget that's also an option.

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Pinkie_pie said:
The switch came out 4 years after the wii u so it's possible for a portable xbox one x to come out 4 years after the xbox one x

More four and a half year, but the more important point: WiiU came out with a power consumption of 30-35 Watt, while the Xbox One X came out with one of 150-170 Watt. Power consumption is the main variable for portabilitiy, as it both decides about battery life and needed cooling constructions (and therefore form factor).

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What can Microsoft reallistically do to succceed in the handheld market? Regular console games are usually big 30-50 gb of game that require a lot of power to play smoothly. They have no foothold in the japanese market, where the absolutely biggest handheld games are made, and they already have problems to get enough exclusives for their console as it is. Sony has way more experience than them and they are pretty much giving up that side of the bussiness to concentrate on the home consoles.

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I'd rather they stay out of the portable market. Honestly, after Mobile failed, I don't see them doing anything in that direction.

Ideally, I would like to see Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo offer a range of devices within their ecosystem.

Next gen gaming Ecosystems
-High End Home Console
-Base Home Console
-Mobile Handheld/Phone
-Base Handheld

I think this would reach the most consumers, and as long as all devices run on the same OS, the same Architecture, and share a unified library of Apps, Games, and Services, it would be extremely profitable. Whoever can offer this first will be the hands down winner of the video game market for years to come. Consumers want a unified expereince across all of their devices, and they want all of their content on all of their devices.

I hope that one day, one of these companies will wake up and make this happen. If they don't act eventually Apple or Google will make the move to shut them out of the market completely. Seeing how they have sucked every ounce of innovation and life out of the mobile market, it would be absolutely devistating if they were to take over the gaming market.

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I think portable Xbox that runs Windows and can play PC games could be popular.

You might be able to get a standard ps4-level portable device for $500 by 2021-2022, XBO X definitely not.

Unless it can also be used as a windows tablet I don't think a portable xbox is a good idea.

No way, Sony cant get a portable down right and MS doesn't need to waste the money or resources for that. Let Nintendo have it.