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Ideally, I would like to see Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo offer a range of devices within their ecosystem.

Next gen gaming Ecosystems
-High End Home Console
-Base Home Console
-Mobile Handheld/Phone
-Base Handheld

I think this would reach the most consumers, and as long as all devices run on the same OS, the same Architecture, and share a unified library of Apps, Games, and Services, it would be extremely profitable. Whoever can offer this first will be the hands down winner of the video game market for years to come. Consumers want a unified expereince across all of their devices, and they want all of their content on all of their devices.

I hope that one day, one of these companies will wake up and make this happen. If they don't act eventually Apple or Google will make the move to shut them out of the market completely. Seeing how they have sucked every ounce of innovation and life out of the mobile market, it would be absolutely devistating if they were to take over the gaming market.

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Kevyn B Grams