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Forums - Sales Discussion - Global Hardware Sales 20 January 2018

I haven't touched PS4 sales, so not sure why that hasn't gone up, however, I've done some adjusting to the Switch and Xbox One.

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newwil7l said:
Europe seems unrealistically high.

For PS4? Nah. After holiday numbers it’s usually the highest and the ratio between there and other regions is generally like that. It did 121K this week last year.

Although we’ll see if trunks has any more updates coming, but I don’t see EU changes for PS4.


In one year, we've gone from, "There's PS4, then everyone else," to "There's PS4 and Switch, then everyone else."

4 years later and the PS4 is still kicking ass. Great NS numbers too.

What seems crazy to me is ROTW this week. PS4 has pretty much always dominated ROTW but this week it seems about even with the Switch.

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loy310 said:
Kerotan said:
Ps4 on top baby!

Outselling xbox by over x3 despite the xbox x.

It’s funny, the ratio went from 2.5:1 to now 3:1 after the Scorpio launched....Ouch.

is this MHW week in Japan? If so those number look low for PS4.

It is the same thing that happened with X1S.  It did a good job bumping sales when it launched, but it fell off going into 2017.

MS' problem has always been sustaining momentum over a long period of time.  They just go so quiet after the holidays.

PAOerfulone said:
In one year, we've gone from, "There's PS4, then everyone else," to "There's PS4 and Switch, then everyone else."

Yeah, the only real fight left is between PS4 and Switch. But the advantage is clearly for the PS4 given it has already sold almost everything it will ever sell whereas the Switch is only starting its life sales and yet the PS4 manages to pull ahead more often than not so I'm starting to believe that the PS4 will get to 100M units sales lifetime.

As for the Xbox 1, one has to feel a bit sorry for it. It deserves the trouncing in regards to its infamous stunt of E3 2013 but considering the nice specs of the Xbox One X plus the fact that many years have passed, it probably deserves a break, though with its 35M sales so far and still counting, it's not WII U failure material either.

Good sales for PS4 and NS, Xbox one and 3DS is slowly dying

Next week is Monster Hunter: World, right? Gonna' be interesting to see WW sales considering how well it's doing without it anyway, and we know it did around 140k in JP alone...

I wonder if XBO will get a boost next week? It sure needs one... what are the next big games coming out that could potentially bump it over 100k sales?

Switch and PS4 killing it

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