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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo: Next announcement for Nintendo Switch Online will be worth the wait

Nintendo is really hyping their online service. They just have to have a big game that uses online. I am becoming more and more convinced that Smash 4 will be ported. Unless they make a Smash 4.5 instead.

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GBA VC please

The last time I heard "Worth the wait" I was a horny 13-year-old teenager, and she was lying!

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I have a strong feeling that it will coincide with a Smash port of the WiiU version with all DLC + extra content.

Here in the UK it would be good if Nintendo got some agreements with BT and other companies to make use of their network of wifi hotspots so it was included with the nintendo online service. As a portable system it would benefit from convenient online access when out and about without having to bother to tether from a device with a mobile data connection. Maybe a official USB mobile data dongle could be released with a small data allowance included per month when you subscribe to Nintendo online. Enough data allowance for light use.

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Gonna keep my expectations low.
Nintendo doesn't exactly have the best track record when it comes to online.

Please bring achievements.

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I think it's Pokémon. People think about Smash because they are hyped for it, but Pokémon is bigger, both as a franchise and for online, so it fits better the description of "worth the wait". Besides Pokémon is already announced while there's no sign of Smash on the horizon

people are getting too hung up on a specific game coming, i think they are talking more about the various features/services that it will provide.

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