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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - All New Microsoft Studio Releases Will be On Xbox Game Pass

That's awesome. This will get me to pull the trigger on Game Pass.

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Now they need to add all their existing 1st party games to Game Pass.

I won't be surprised if the price increase for Game Pass in the future, this is very good news.

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But their exclusive games are so rarely good. Are there third party games on gamepass as well? Either way, if you consistently like the exclusives that release for XBO, this sounds like a steal. 

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Ka-pi96 said:
Bandorr said:

That would fix the problem I see.  As of now why would anyone NOT just pop in for a month play a game, then drop out.

Even $20 for two months is still a third of the games cost.

I'd assume that's part of the reason for the online multiplayer focus of MS' 1st party. People are more likely to stick around beyond that month if they can't "finish" a game but instead can just keep playing it online.

Excatly. Also, it's a subscribtion so you have to cancel, but many will forget to cancel.

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Wow that's a good move by MS. Will probably now pay for XBLG Gamepass and buy 4-5 third parties a year

pitzy272 said:
But their exclusive games are so rarely good. Are there third party games on gamepass as well?

Maybe you should make a little research before making such comment.

Have a look at these two links and lets see what what you have to say.

Tommy Jean, CPA, CGA

It's an awesome deal, but it worries me a little.

This move makes more business sense if the Microsoft Studios games in question are released (or supported) across several months, bringing in more subscription dollars.

I think it points to a greater focus, moving forward, on episodic releases and games-as-a-service titles -- which is great for some folks but not so hot for me.

Yeah, this is insanely good, they must be making some serious money on this service in order to see it viable enough to carry their 1st party titles. I'm on board :).

Teeqoz said:
Bandorr said:
Fascinating. So just subscribe for $10. Play several just released $40 and or $60 games. Then cancel. Only to then do it again when another game comes out.

Just like you could do with Netflix or HBO, and I'm sure people do that. But most people remain subscribed. Subscription models for distribution are gaining steam in every other field of entertainment, and many have just been waiting for the when it would take off for gaming as well.


The interesting thing here will be wether Microsoft's "download the games and play them on your own hardware" or Sony's "stream the games from out servers" model will prove most successful. I think both have some businessadvantages, Sony's model having the primary advantage of you not having to actually own the hardware, while Microsoft's model provides a better gaming experience, but you have to own the hardware.

The ideal solution might be a combination of the two - allow those that own the hardware to download the games, but also have streaming available for those that don't.

I platinumed the ratchet games on PS now and I wasn't that impressed, one of the game felt like I was playing on youtube 2005 video quality. I gave my sister one year subscription to the xbox pass so she can play what she wants. 

Anyway Nintendo pass would be insane if you can also take the games on the go (you don't have to be online to play on x game pass).