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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Why is the Switch still not getting big games from 3rd parties?

Not sure the point got across with my first post in this thread. So I'll say it more bluntly this time...

Switch is getting plenty of third party support. Outside of games that clearly can't run on the Switch, and greedy western devs (looking at you EA, Activision, WB) it's getting third party support from every major company.

Sega supports it with Sonic Mania, SMTV, and Puyo Puyo.
NIS supports it with Disgaea 5, Ys VIII, and many more.
Bethesda supports it with Skyrim, Wolfenstein, and Doom.
Namco Bandai supports it with DBZ Xenoverse 2.
SquareEnix supports it with Octopath, DQB, and DQ XI
Ubisoft supports it with Rayman Origins, and Mario X Rabbids
Capcom supports it with Monster Hunter XX, and USF2.

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zorg1000 said:
Megaoverlord12 said:

I guess I should have specified Western third parties. Going by VGChartz

Switch XB1 PS4
FIFA 18 0.37m 2.03m 8.12m
NBA 2k18 0.13m 1.08m 1.90m
Lego City Undercover 0.38m 0.15m 0.33m

Lego sold better, but it was originally a Wii U exclusive, so that's more or less expected plus Lego usually sell pretty decently on Nintendo hardware, likely due to the younger demographics. I don't really have many other good examples for comparison considering that most western third party games on Switch so far are late ports, so direct comparison is unfair. Going by the games that you mentioned (and some other late ports):

  Switch XB1 PS4
L.A. Noire 0.09m 0.07m 0.15m
Skyrim (First 2 weeks) 0.24m 0.47m 0.81m
DOOM (First 3 weeks) 0.16m 0.29m 0.65m
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 (First 10) 0.18m 0.27m 0.91m
Lego Worlds (First 10) 0.15m 0.20m 0.37m
Skylanders Imaginators (First 10) 0.02m 0.14m 0.24m

Now are these most of these bad figures? I wouldn't say they are, but beyond L.A. Noire (for some reason), all of them are unquestionably lower than XB1/PS4. Now is that fair, considering the Switch's significantly lower install base? Again, not particularly. Still the point remains that major third party games sell less on Nintendo hardware.

As for the developers touting high sales on Switch? Those are almost universally indies. You see Team Meat and Team17 happy. Do you see Bethesda touting how successful Doom or Skyrim was? EA with FIFA? No, because they weren't impressive. I want to be crystal clear. I do not think that indies are lesser. I do not think they are not important. They aren't lesser and they are important. HOWEVER, indies need lower numbers for the Switch to outsell other consoles, something that is greatly helped by the lower quantity of games on the platform. An indie selling 10k is a success, 100k massive, 1m unthinkable. But EA, Ubisoft, Square Enix, etc? Needs more than that.

All of this is on top of what many others here have said, that porting to the Switch takes time. If a game started development in 2015/16 for release in 2017/18, most AAA's literally CAN'T have a Switch version ready around launch. 

The games you listed are flawed for a couple reasons.

1. Most of those released a 1-1.5 years earlier on PS4/XBO so they should by all means be lower even when comparing same time frame.

2. Vgchartz tracking isnt the best source for some of those games, for example Xenoverse 2 officially sold over 400k on Switch as of early Nov and over 500k at the end of 2017.

1. I specifically mentioned they were late ports above that, and I also mentioned that I didn't have a lot of better comparisons specifically for that reason.

2. I'm aware that VGChartz isn't the most reliable metric, but it's the one I used because I can't get reliable numbers for most of them. As unreliable as it is, proof was wanted and VGChartz was the closest thing to proof that I have. As someone who enjoys hearing how games do, I would love to have more reliable numbers.

EDITED: I also specifically note that they are unfair comparisons, but that doesn't change my point. In terms of raw numbers, Switch versions have lower numbers than XB1/PS4. They're not bad, and are far more comparable than Wii U multiplats for example, but still. It'll be far more interesting to see numbers on games that the Switch get at the same time as PS4/XB1.

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my guess is publishers and developers are still behind in the sense that they did not expect the switch to do as well as it has, and so there’s a lot of catching up to do in terms of planning, developing, and releasing the ports.

i wouldn’t worry too much about a supposed lack of third party support. i imagine the support will only increase, and by the end of the year we’ll all have no doubt that the switch is getting the love it deserves from all publishers.

spurgeonryan said:

Some would say Rocket league and Doom should count. Obviously there are other games as well that I did not list. 

But at this point,  with months of news about the Switch outselling nearly everything out there,  why is it not getting better games? At this point when a new Far Cry or Tomb Raider or even CoD comes out the Switch could be attached. 


Coming to PC,  iOS,  PS4, Xbox One,  and Switch should be on nearly every box and news article. But that is not the case. The switch should have developers lining up to port their top games from the past two years but it is still hit or miss which games come over. 


What else is it going to take to be listed with the other boys on every game announcement?


I realize that many more announcement include switch,  and I have skipped a few big announcements. 


I just want more and I do not even own a switch!

Well, at this point I say Switch is already popular with Indies and japanese 3rd-parties.Western 3rd-parties just hate Nintendo. I wouldn't wait for them.

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KLXVER said:
Because it takes more than a few months to port a game? Miyamoto said it takes about 1 year.

A year? OK, a waulity port with extended features, improved art assets and new controllers.

I work as a programmer, not games though. But the main difference is, that games include a lot of art (which does not need to be remade for a port) and gets a lot more testing than normal software. So if it takes a year: 9 months the bosses write papers and have meetings to finally decide they do it, 1 month for programming, 2 months for testing. I actually know this from my work, if I hear the first time about a project it would've plenty of time, if we get the go the deadline is nearly upon us.

New games are different though. Making concepts and finalizing your goals alone takes probably around a year for a big game (although this part is low on manpower). This is a creative process.

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Cerebralbore101 said:
I spit my drink out reading the thread title. Most Japanese 3rd party devs are already supporting the system with ports. Bethesda is the only western 3rd party dev worth a damn anymore, and they're giving Switch good support.

I dunno about Bethesda? Based on which metric? Your personal preferences?

Bethesda wasn't on my map before they entered the Switch. I got Doom out of interest how it compares to classical Doom (it's completely different, not only because of graphics, but gameplay is much faster) and Skyrim because I assumed it might appeal to me (it does).

But going after overall sales, revenue, number of releases or stuff like that, than obviously EA, Ubisoft, Activision and Warner all matter more than Bethesda.

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With Western developers, their issue is probably trying to get the games to run properly on the Switch. Though if a game also comes to iOS, there's no excuse for it to not be on the Switch. With Japanese developers, many of them were playing it safe and continuing work on Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita and PS4. They weren't sue if the Switch would be a success. Now that it is, they're going to be doing more Switch games. I think we'll see more major third party games in 2019. However, I have a feeling that we're going to see games that really push the limits of the base PS4 and Xbox One and those games will not be coming to the Switch.

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KLXVER said:
Because it takes more than a few months to port a game? Miyamoto said it takes about 1 year.

A year? I highly doubt that.  Besides,  the system has been selling out on a weekly basis since early last year. By now they should at least be announcing games. Or does it take a year to announce a game is on the switch as well?

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Alkibiádēs said:

We have Dark Souls: Remastered, Valkyria Chronicles 4, Shin Megami Tensei V, Project Octopath Traveller, The World Ends With You: Final Remix, Bayonetta trilogy, Travis Strikes Back: No More Heroes, Mega Man 11, Dragon Quest Builders 1 & 2, Dragon Quest XI, Wolfenstein 2

which of those games are BIG?

Maybe..... Dragon Quest XI, but is not the same as it was and the first one is a remastered NOT been in a Nintendo home/handled before.


As many don't want to admit it, when the next ps5/xbox 2 will release, the power gap will increase even more, By that time, most of the AAA games will not be ported to the switch.

Where are the support of WB with other games than the Lego games? Why not the arkham return collection or a downgrade port of Arkham Knight, Shadow of Mordor?

Where is the support of activision? EA? Real Support of Crapcom? why not a really downgrade version of RE7? the difference will be more than the ones that RE4 Gamecube and Ps2 shared?


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carlos710 said:
Joke thread by joke user. Not worth the analysis.

What do you mean by "joke user"?