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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Why is the Switch still not getting big games from 3rd parties?

Miyamotoo said:
Megaoverlord12 said:
The Switch IS NOT as powerful as the Xbox One or PS4. That naturally means that some stuff simply CAN'T come to Switch, not without significant cost that may very easily not be recouped. Third party games still do not sell as well on Nintendo most of the time. On top of that, most western third parties (Activision, EA, Ubisoft, Take Two) see the thing as primarily a handheld, and western third parties have not seen much success on handhelds. Besides, remember how long it took PS4/XB1 to get games that weren't just ports of PS3/360 games?

If the Switch continues being ridiculously successful more stuff will come, but you should never expect EVERY third party game to come to it. Now, some games I don't understand not coming to Switch (Monster Hunter: World most specifically), but I expect that I will not be able to get everything I want that comes out to come out on Switch.

Sorry but do you actually have any evidence for sucha claims for Switch also? Beacuse information we have about 3rd party sales on Switch is that they are selling quite good. Actualy Activision, EA, Ubisoft, Take Two seeing Switch primarly like handheld is a plus beacuse they can port their games on Switch and to be avalible in full handheld mode also and that gave extra value to those games, we have alredy games like Skyrim, Doom, La Noire and Dark Souls Remaster that were not on handhelds before.

I tottaly agree about your second part, I think Switch will have strong 3rd party support for Nintendo platform and there will more and more 3rd party announcements for Switch, but it will never be on pair of PS/XB

I guess I should have specified Western third parties. Going by VGChartz

Switch XB1 PS4
FIFA 18 0.37m 2.03m 8.12m
NBA 2k18 0.13m 1.08m 1.90m
Lego City Undercover 0.38m 0.15m 0.33m

Lego sold better, but it was originally a Wii U exclusive, so that's more or less expected plus Lego usually sell pretty decently on Nintendo hardware, likely due to the younger demographics. I don't really have many other good examples for comparison considering that most western third party games on Switch so far are late ports, so direct comparison is unfair. Going by the games that you mentioned (and some other late ports):

  Switch XB1 PS4
L.A. Noire 0.09m 0.07m 0.15m
Skyrim (First 2 weeks) 0.24m 0.47m 0.81m
DOOM (First 3 weeks) 0.16m 0.29m 0.65m
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 (First 10) 0.18m 0.27m 0.91m
Lego Worlds (First 10) 0.15m 0.20m 0.37m
Skylanders Imaginators (First 10) 0.02m 0.14m 0.24m

Now are these most of these bad figures? I wouldn't say they are, but beyond L.A. Noire (for some reason), all of them are unquestionably lower than XB1/PS4. Now is that fair, considering the Switch's significantly lower install base? Again, not particularly. Still the point remains that major third party games sell less on Nintendo hardware.

As for the developers touting high sales on Switch? Those are almost universally indies. You see Team Meat and Team17 happy. Do you see Bethesda touting how successful Doom or Skyrim was? EA with FIFA? No, because they weren't impressive. I want to be crystal clear. I do not think that indies are lesser. I do not think they are not important. They aren't lesser and they are important. HOWEVER, indies need lower numbers for the Switch to outsell other consoles, something that is greatly helped by the lower quantity of games on the platform. An indie selling 10k is a success, 100k massive, 1m unthinkable. But EA, Ubisoft, Square Enix, etc? Needs more than that.

All of this is on top of what many others here have said, that porting to the Switch takes time. If a game started development in 2015/16 for release in 2017/18, most AAA's literally CAN'T have a Switch version ready around launch. 

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Switch will never be able to run quite a few AAA console games so the vast majority of 3rd parties are just content by picking low hanging fruits on the Switch such as porting last gen titles and much less technically proficient games ...

As had already been said, most third parties probably expected Switch to flop after the Wii U, so they would've adopted a wait and see attitude. By late last year it became clear the system was set for success, but any games started then won't be ready yet.

Barkley said:

Because it'd take more downgrades and changes then they're willing to make, Doom just scrapes in the acceptable mark on switch and that's a game that ran at 1080p/60fps on the ps4, the majority of the big games do not run that well on ps4. Which is why the big new open-world games just won't come to the Switch.

To be fair, neither the 1080p nor the 60fps are locked on PS4, and on Xbox One the resolution drops to around "828p or lower" and the framerate into the 40s, so it's not like the game isn't demanding even on dedicated consoles.

captain carot said:
Others show few to no support so far, like Take Two or Acrtivision. Partially their games have flopped though on Nintendo hardware within the last ten years and partially even if you do port stuff it takes time.

Activision had a lot of success of the Wii; Skylanders, Goldeneye 007, COD3/W@W/MW/BO...

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The much bigger success of the Wii (1) didn´t translate into full third party games coming to the system.
Don´t expect it now when the power gap could grow even bigger with the PS5 in 2 years.

(1) Yes. Despite that "fastest console sale in 10 months" PR, I believe the Wii had a bigger impact on the market.

Not sure it can handle some of these games to be honest.

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curl-6 said:


captain carot said:
Others show few to no support so far, like Take Two or Activision. Partially their games have flopped though on Nintendo hardware within the last ten years and partially even if you do port stuff it takes time.

Activision had a lot of success of the Wii; Skylanders, Goldeneye 007, COD3/W@W/MW/BO...

First, that's why i said partially. Activision sold from ok to good on Wii, their Wii U games mostly flopped though and they haven't been all to successful on handhelds for quite some time.

At the same time some games just aren't that easy to port. I really think Bethesda did a good job with Skyrim and Doom. Other titles might be harder to port though. And yes, those ports take time.

At the same time we can be pretty sure that most of the big publishers didn't put much trust in Switch, if any. We might see more multiplat games within the next months. Some of them will be older titles. And at least some, more likely many games will never be ported to Switch.

I'm not sure if that's to bad though. With good japanese support, indie games, maybe some western exclusives and yes, even smartphone ports we might actually see a Switch library that is rich yet different from what 'everyone else' does.

Because the system is weak, making the porting process hard.
Because the Switch is still in its first year on the market.

Wait. Seriously. Nintendo consoles usually have garbage 3rd party support in the beginning. They usually build up by the end of the 2nd year. I remember not really wanting any games on the wii 3rd party wise but when 2009 came there were too many to count. The same thing happened with the 3DS and the DS. Wii U was the opposite though. However that is a unique circumstance.

2019 will be when the 3rd party games come in full force. I recommend you clear your backlogs for 2019. Otherwise you will be playing Switch games well into the 10th generation.

Edit: I also want to say that a lot of developers thought the Switch would be another Wii U. So they are now scrambling to get their games on the system.

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It definitely takes time to port games over. I think this delay factor is going to surprise people on both Third Party support and the Switch's performance as a console. For 2018 I expect most Third Party games to be ports, mostly old games ported over, but a few games with simultaneous releases on all consoles like Dark Souls. For 2019, I expect lots of simultaneous releases and even a notable number of Switch exclusives from Third Parties. Then in 2010+ the number of Third Party of exclusives is going to grow and grow.

The Switch is currently a large snowball rolling down hill. In a few years it will be an avalanche of great games.

What new "big" 3rd party games have been announced post 2017E3 and summer? i.e. what games are very early in development cycle post Switch launch that have any realistic feasibility of including planning and funding for Switch port in their projects?