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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Why is the Switch still not getting big games from 3rd parties?

Some would say Rocket league and Doom should count. Obviously there are other games as well that I did not list. 

But at this point,  with months of news about the Switch outselling nearly everything out there,  why is it not getting better games? At this point when a new Far Cry or Tomb Raider or even CoD comes out the Switch could be attached. 


Coming to PC,  iOS,  PS4, Xbox One,  and Switch should be on nearly every box and news article. But that is not the case. The switch should have developers lining up to port their top games from the past two years but it is still hit or miss which games come over. 


What else is it going to take to be listed with the other boys on every game announcement?


I realize that many more announcement include switch,  and I have skipped a few big announcements. 


I just want more and I do not even own a switch!

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Because it takes more than a few months to port a game? Miyamoto said it takes about 1 year.

Probably beacuse 3rd parties didnt think switch was going to be a success so why even bother?
Next year will be much better

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I spit my drink out reading the thread title. Most Japanese 3rd party devs are already supporting the system with ports. Bethesda is the only western 3rd party dev worth a damn anymore, and they're giving Switch good support.

Not every game can be reasonably ported to Switch because of graphics limitations. Other than that 3rd party devs love the system.

Some games are obviously not going to happen, since developers wouldn't always want to put a lot of effort in making their games run on the Switch. But there are definitely lots of games that would work perfectly fine on the Switch, so I hope we'll get a lot of new 3rd party games next month.

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well, there's a bit of third party support right now. Plus i guess many devs were caught off gard by the switch sales. it could be better, but i think that by the end of the year, the support will be really there to stay. i expect a lot of switch title at E3 this year.

beside, Bethesda and Ubisoft seems to really be onboard. so, there's the rumors about fracture but whole that is on the way, Wolfenstein is coming by march i think. i fully expect to see fallout 4 going on switch before the end of the year. I really hope to see NHL for switch in september, and probably madden, but EA doesnt seems to like nintendo a lot.

The problem with 3rd parties didn't happen overnight, so it won't be fixed overnight.  Wait till after the February Direct.

It takes time to make games, so be patient. We'll see more developers jump in as the year progresses.

Pretty sure most 3rd party want games on swutch now but yeah grphically its gonna be hard to be stripped back so much compared to xbox one X. I believe most 3rd party will be ports or switch exclusives aka Mario x rabbids

....I'd answer when I can have someone show how long it took for games to start appearing on the PS4/Xbox 1 to be fair, but always be free to say Third Parties refuse to back Nintendo properly.

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