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Despite being a grown man with kids I still got Doom in christmas present from my older sister. I’ve not gotten around to playing it much until now mainly because being a grown man with kids and also getting a cold from hell during christmas sapping all of my energy.

With everything I write keep in mind that I haven’t played it on any other platform. This means I’ll not try to make any comparisons.

So far I haven’t played it for that long. But I started off a campaign in Ultra-violence difficulty.


The good:

It’s DOOM!

For a switch game it’s actually really good looking, which is impressive. So far I’ve only noticed a few FPS drops but it generally runs really smooth. If you would ask me (and I haden’t read anything about it prior on the internet) I would never been able to tell if the game ran 30 or 60 fps (this surley is noticable if you run some other platform parallell to this version, but me being a blank slate going into this game it simply isn’t an issue).

Gameplay is old school high paced FPS gaming with pickups and running in inhuman speeds with an arsenal bigger than a tank could carry.

Gameplay and game mechanics is in the front seat. Story is secondary.

It carries a lot of the feeling of Doom and Doom 2.


The bad:

Why no gyro aiming Bethesda!? Twin stick controllscheme of FPSes is a fucking terrible idea!

Even if the visuals are nice they could have scaled back on the AA to get a chrisper image. Also I’ve noticed that stuff on the edges of the screen tend to become blured (while the center stays somewhat sharp) this is probably by design but a bad design decision IMO. Generally I would’ve prefered less of the visual effects like depth of field and AA (and probably some more) to get a sharper image because some times the game tends to feel a bit blured, this is not a big problem mainly because the action is fast paced and in close quarters most of the time. With these complaints I still to the point that over all it’s a good looking game with impressive visuals considering the hardware.

The optional multiplayer component that isn’t optional. Fuck off Bethesda!

The bugs! Let’s see, so far I’ve gotten garbeled audio; fix, hard reboot of the switch. I’ve also gotten the more game braking bug where you suddenly can’t navigate any menus in the game; fix, hard reboot of the switch. No Nintendo polish in this one sadly, also part of the reason that he majority of my physical games are Nintendo developed titles.



But overall I do recommend this game to fans of old school FPS:es. Specially if you, like me, have not played this game previously on any of the other platforms. The portability factor is also a plus for the switch version since this game works perfectly for a 5 min dump ’n splash in the restroom.

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You go the Nintendo version so of course you're running into a lot of issues.

I wouldn't go so far as to say I can't tell the difference between this game being 30 or 60, but it definitely feels playable by console standards. It's not like PUBG on Xbox where the framerate tanks for long periods of time. Just has a drop every now and then. Probably the most impressive thing I've played on a handheld to date.

Snoopy said:
You go the Nintendo version so of course you're running into a lot of issues.

Did you read the post? How did you conclude lot of issues?

The only issue is that it is a Bathesda game and bugs with them are always expected lol. On the flip side they are getting better at this compared to their earlier games last gen.



My brother-in-law is also considering getting this game for the Switch. He has concerns that his two sons might find the game and play it.

I expected that the performance of Doom would be really bad on the Switch than it really is.

Enjoy the game.

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Lend your voice if you want gyro-aiming on Switch Doom:

My girlfriend bought me doom for Christmas. I am enjoying it so far.

It's probably the best shooter of the gen

KLAMarine said:
Lend your voice if you want gyro-aiming on Switch Doom:

I think we should probably focus our requests on fixing bugs. Gyro aiming is cool and all... but I better have my game fixed.

bananaking21 said:
It's probably the best shooter of the gen

Can't say I disagree, I can't remember enjoying an FPS so much since Bioshock Infinite back in 2013.

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