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Forums - Gaming Discussion - what are your expectation for the next mainline final fantasy?

I liked what i saw in agni's philosophy. I would like for them to go in that direction. Also make a good story this time, which was missing since XII.

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I am looking for them to make the leap to VR. Final Fantasy in VR with next gen Motion tracking would be an incredible experience.

I am down for either 1st or 3rd person, both work extreamly well in VR. If they went 1st person, and let you personalize the main character, that would add another interesting new element to the franchise.

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None. I want to say "something that isn't unfinished" in the same vein XV was, but I can't never be too sure at this point.

To be released and not be in developmental hell for over 5 years.

Dont care what platform it is on as long as its on PS4, Switch and PC

Dont care what genre it is, action or turn based

Dont care what they do with the story, characters.


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I expect it to be awful. Every final fantasy game since X has been worse than the last. XV was abysmal, it is going to be hard to do worse, but I have faith that square will find a way....😒

I'm fine with them continuing on with an action battle system. If they were to go back to making a sprite based FF game, i'd be cool with it going turn based, but turn based with realistic visuals is rather jarring.

To be on Switch as well.

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It will either be hack & slash or a TPS - but with XP.

The only expectation I have is that regardless of how it comes out, the fans will bitch and moan about it to no end. That's the only guarantee with the FF fanbase.

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