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Switch owners: What's your opinion on SF 30th Anniversary Collection?

I'm glad the Switch is g... 14 46.67%
I'm happy, but I'm mad ... 1 3.33%
I'm happy I didn't buy ... 3 10.00%
I bought SFII Ultra and I... 1 3.33%
I didn't buy SFII Ultra ... 4 13.33%
I don't care anyway, Str... 7 23.33%

I'm fine with it. The more good games, the better.

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The more the better!!

I bought Ultra Street Fighter II, and I'm not upset with this announcement myself.

it's cool.Now bring that devil may cry collection too.

I own USFII and I'm okay with this. I won't get the colection though, because one SF game satisfies me enough for a couple of years. Twelve games would steal my time way too much when most of them aren't all that different from one another. Having said that, I never played a SFIII so far and would like to do so one day.

Gameplay > Graphics

Substance > Style

Art Direction > Realism

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By the time this 30th anniversary collection comes out, 12 months will have passed between Ultra’s release and it.   That means that for one solid year, I got to enjoy Street Fighter on TV and on the go, have fun win 3 “new” characters, experience a fine tuned version of Super Turbo in both classic and HD art graphics (of which I personally really like Udon’s work in the latter), played many battles online for free, had fun with Buddy Battle (which is a first for the SF2 series), got some cool artwork to look at, and played a bit of the Way of Hado mode.  All of that for only $32 after Best Buy Gamers Club.

One year’s worth of entertainment before the next Street Fighter product comes out.  That’s a lot of hours of gameplay and enjoyment for 30-40 bucks.  And I will gladly keep it when this 30th anniversary comes out, because Ultra is the only modern place to play Super Turbo with HD art (and take it on the go) and Buddy Battle (which I love playing with my 3 year old son and will eventually love playing with my daughter who is only 8 months old.)

If I want to play SF2, I’ll pop in Ultra for my HD fix and I’ll use the 30th Anniversary Cartridge for the SF3 trilogy, Alpha trilogy, occasional play through of SF, and a bit of SF2.  I’m not disappointed at all.  I’m thrilled to own both.  As a long time Street Fighter fan, having this much content on a Nintendo system in such a short window is awesome.

I’ll glad buy Ultra Street Fighter IV: Decade Edition in 2018 for Nintendo Switch, too!

This is the first time many of these games have been on a Nintendo home console.  It has been a long time coming.


  • Street Fighter <-- never on a Nintendo home console
  • Street Fighter 2
  • Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition
  • Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting
  • Super Street Fighter 2
  • Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo <-- never on a Nintendo home console
  • Street Fighter Alpha <-- never on a Nintendo home console
  • Street Fighter Alpha 2 <-- SNES version only
  • Street Fighter Alpha 3 <-- never on a Nintendo home console
  • Street Fighter 3 <--never on a Nintendo home console
  • Street Fighter 3: 2nd Impact <--never on a Nintendo home console
  • Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike <--never on a Nintendo home console

Will make USF2 dirt cheap. Only one I care about, so I'll snag it soon

I grew out of fighters in like 1995/96, whenever it was that Alpha 3 came out. Had a brief stint with Soul Caliber and the original N64 Smash. Otherwise, these days one of my least favourite genres. I think I only hate sports games more. Maybe those multiplayer shooting type games, including Splatoon (I want to like Splatoon, especially since I bought it, but I felt finished with it in about 90 minutes, and that feeling didn’t change even after putting in a few more hours)

I give a pass to Arms because it’s a much more versatile type of game. But I suspect one day I’ll tire of that one too. I need something more than repetitive button pressing these days.

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

A slap in the face to anyone who bought Ultra SFII.

But as an isolated game it looks fantastic.

When will the Tankstick be officially supported on the Switch?