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I can't fully describe it but I'm used to playstation 3 30 fps titles, nintendo's 60 games and current gen games on pc with mostly 45-60 fps. now after so much time I finally got a playstation 4 and I'm kind of disappointed. for now I got only infamous second son and knack because of my nephew. playing those 2 games .. I don't like feel like I play a game. more like watching a movie without any immersion. I don't have this problem on ps3 or even zelda botw despite the constant fps drops. It's like my brain assosciate last gen graphics with low fps as a game but great current gen graphisc (infamous looks stunning) with a prerendered cgi movie. I feel the same with locking pc titles to 30 fps. 

well I hope I get used to it.. there is no other way around it.  

edit: I remember playing games with steam in-home streaming with 60 fps. but seeing those streaming artefacts, it felt more like a movie too.

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Eh... Good games are good even at 30 fps. Bad games are bad even at 60 fps.

I've been dipping into old games in my backlog and started playing Sonic Colors. For some reason it just felt really odd playing a game like that at 30 fps. But after a bit I got over it. The biggest issues that will stop me from playing arent frame rate related.

My PC can actually handle this at 60 fps, I have tested it. But I rather play it on actual hardware for convenience and on my projector.

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It's not really noticeable to me, maybe because I constantly fluctuate between retro and modern games with various framerates and resolutions.

For me its fine either way because I still play oldschool games from NES/SNES era and even N64 that have worse Frame rates but playing a game at 60 FPS is much more enjoyable for me.


And yes, its very noticeable - for an example playing GTAIV on PC and on PS3 really shows how different 30 FPS and 60 FPS is like.


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60 Frames is a must for Multiplayer, 30 Frames is good enough for Single player games. We don't really need 60 frames when playing against AI Campaigns.

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Yea I wish all games ran at 60fps but oh well :T


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Captain_Yuri said:
Yea I wish all games ran at 60fps but oh well :T

32K 240fps or nothing!

I can see what you mean. Turn down motion blur if they have that in options. I had to do that for Uncharted: Lost Legacy. Helped quite a bit.

Azzanation said:
We don't really need 60 frames when playing against AI Campaigns.

Technically, we don't need 60fps ever. Doesn't mean it's not nice to have it. For fighting and racing games, even though we can (and do) get by with 30, 60 accelerates the experience. But, in my world, even 60 is too low. It's still need vs want, however.


I get that 30 fps isn't the best, but comparing it to a movie? That's too far honestly.

Last gen had so many games with frame rate issues. If I'm being honest, you may be viewing the past with tinted lens. Truth is we still see games with inconsistent frame rate, but last gen had it much worse.

Hopefully this helps people see why 60 fps is so enjoyable. We don't need 8k resolution or anything ridiculous for the next generation. Devs should start focusing on performance as well