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if you say so

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30fps, 60fps.... doesn't matter to me, I can always adjust.

Star Citizen is aiming for 30fps. IJS

Hope you can find a way to enjoy games regaurdless of framerate and resolution.

Personally I prefer VR @ 120fps, but I still play everything. There are great experiences across the entire spectrum of framerate and resolution.

I trust the developers to deliver their vision. They all have the choice to build at whatever resolution and framerate they desire. So even when we have seen remasters that offer higher framerates, I have opted to play the game as originally intended.

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ruffy37 said:


I can't fully describe it but I'm used to playstation 3 30 fps titles, nintendo's 60 games and current gen games on pc with mostly 45-60 fps. now after so much time I finally got a playstation 4 and I'm kind of disappointed. for now I got only infamous second son and knack because of my nephew. playing those 2 games .. I don't like feel like I play a game. more like watching a movie without any immersion. I don't have this problem on ps3 or even zelda botw despite the constant fps drops. It's like my brain assosciate last gen graphics with low fps as a game but great current gen graphisc (infamous looks stunning) with a prerendered cgi movie. I feel the same with locking pc titles to 30 fps. 

well I hope I get used to it.. there is no other way around it.  

edit: I remember playing games with steam in-home streaming with 60 fps. but seeing those streaming artefacts, it felt more like a movie too.

Both of these games run in 60fps on PS4 Pro

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Ruler said:

Both of these games run in 60fps on PS4 Pro

I was thinking about getting a pro but seeing like only some games get 60 fps options instead of all. I still need to adjust between all those games so I dropped this idea altogether. and I won't buy a new tv in the next 5 years. paying extra only for downsampling on a 1080p isn't worth it for me, I barely notice anything on my computr going 1440p or 4k @ 1080p.

Insidb said:
I feel like we're just a generation off from 60fps as a standard.

We will never get 60 fps as standard. 1st for many game types it’s not necessary and 2nd most developers will rather add more visual fidelity instead of doubling the frame rate. Has always been like that in the last few generations and won’t change anytime soon. The only thing that could contribute to changing this development is VR and the need to reach higher frame rates with it.

Git gud?

I wish the standard was 60fps. How do you go playing old school games? Do the graphics bother you? Most of them were 60 fps from memory.

If the game is fun I don’t really care.

Was just remembering this! Sadly the original article on the Insomniac website is not available anymore.