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green_sky said:
I can see what you mean. Turn down motion blur if they have that in options. I had to do that for Uncharted: Lost Legacy. Helped quite a bit.

I was thinking about that too. but didn't find that option in infamous.


well I have no problem playing games like that but if feels like somehting is missing, that little touch for real satisfaction.

but I have the same problem reversed. I saw about 2 hfr movies and both looked totally speed up. it was really hard to watch them. 



I wish my tv had something similar to this. this looks for me like 60 fps. those entire trumotion stuff on my lg makes everything worse. so I have everything turned off and on pc / gaming mode

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Honestly it sounds like there is more going on here than FPS. Maybe the fact that Knack was lackluster and Infamous lacked the same charm as the first two, but a SOLID 30 FPS has always been, and always will be fine.

60 fps is always better, but by your logic it seems like the compromises would make the game look too "last gen" for you.

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After playing a lot on 60 it is hard to go back to 30 FPS. I only do it because i still need a PS4 solely for the 1st party exclusives.

I honestly have no problem playing at 30fps, I'm even fine with a few dips as long as it's solid like 90%+ of the time, and I actually find some games feel weird to play in 60fps, especially remasters that were originally 30fps, since that's the way I remember them lol... but yeah, as long as a game is good, I don't mind it being 30 or 60fps

30 fps isn't 30 fps. Frame pacing is a very important issue. 30fps can be totally fine on games like Driveclub or Horizon Zero Dawn , but also feel janky like with Bloodborne.

Don't see the issue with Knack tbh. 

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Azzanation said:
60 Frames is a must for Multiplayer, 30 Frames is good enough for Single player games. We don't really need 60 frames when playing against AI Campaigns.

I don't understand this sort of thinking. If everyone was playing on 30FPS, aren't they all on even ground? I don't recall anyone complaining that Halo 2 sucked or was unplayable back when people was the #1 online MP game.

After running with a 144hz monitor, I can't really go back to 60. Though 60 without constant frame drops is fine, but these days I prefer an unlocked frame rate.

30fps feels quite sluggish to me, but with older games, I feel like that's something that has to be accepted.


I find that I can adjust pretty well in most cases, at least on console. Even with multiplayer, as long as everyone's running at the same 30fps, I don't have too much of an issue. Now, there are some things I won't accept lower than 60, like FPS games with a keyboard/mouse (for some reason, with a controller, 30fps doesn't feel nearly as bad) or multiplayer on PC where anyone can run whatever frames they can handle.

I feel like we're just a generation off from 60fps as a standard.

30fps is not a low frame rate it plays smooth if made well with enhancement to response times and motion blur. Many of the best games ever made were 30fps.


In fact there's a special dedicated 30fps curator section on Steam with great games in 30fps


I think next gen on consoles it's likely to have higher frame rates. This gen could have had higher FPS from the start but it's all limited by CPU choice.

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