I can't fully describe it but I'm used to playstation 3 30 fps titles, nintendo's 60 games and current gen games on pc with mostly 45-60 fps. now after so much time I finally got a playstation 4 and I'm kind of disappointed. for now I got only infamous second son and knack because of my nephew. playing those 2 games .. I don't like feel like I play a game. more like watching a movie without any immersion. I don't have this problem on ps3 or even zelda botw despite the constant fps drops. It's like my brain assosciate last gen graphics with low fps as a game but great current gen graphisc (infamous looks stunning) with a prerendered cgi movie. I feel the same with locking pc titles to 30 fps. 

well I hope I get used to it.. there is no other way around it.  

edit: I remember playing games with steam in-home streaming with 60 fps. but seeing those streaming artefacts, it felt more like a movie too.