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It's a little curious how Bethesda has suddenly become highly supportive of the Nintendo Switch, seemingly out of nowhere, unless Nintendo gave them a very tasty cookie.

It could be that they are an incredibly perceptive company, and they're doing it because of the foresight. They obviously specialize in first-person shooter development. They would be a very good fit. They're clearly developing tech and process to do these sorts of games specifically on the Nintendo Switch.

Of course, I am purely speculating, what are your thoughts?

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It would be interesting, but I doubt it. After other M, they need to be extremely careful about what they do with 3D Metroid, and allowing a 3rd party studio to do it is not the safest thing. Yes, Samus Returns was made by a non-Nintendo company, but it was just a remake of a GB game. Metroid Prime 4 will be much much more important.

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Which part? Machine has been busy with Wolfenstein. Arkane has been busy. Tango has been busy and I doubt they're up to that kind of game.

Perhaps id Software but that would be really odd.

Bethesda Game Works has MUCH larger fish to fry and they obviously have a ton of work on their plate with Elder Scrolls. They did open another studio in 2015 so I suppose that is possible. We have no idea what level that new studio is at, however.

Not sure how developing Metroid would be a cookie for Bethesda.... They already own their own big IPs to work on, which no doubt leaves room for a lot more potential profit than being a contract developer on Metroid.

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It would be cool.

It's a sexy thought for sure!

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Probably not going to be Bethesda. It is rumored that Bandai Namco might get the call but that’s not confirmed.

I don't think we'll be that lucky. But after playing DOOM... I have to admit that a Metroid Prime made by Bethesda would be so damn cool.

very unlikely, but I would say that Nintendo could easily put it in the hands of ID software, cause they are some of best at shooting mechanics and atmosphere

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