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Seems quite unlikely, but I suppose not impossible. I wish they'd just make some damn progress on ES VI, though... Seriously, it's been over half a decade and I'm feening.

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No no no no no . Bethesda Game Studios would do it awfully, and iD Software should not touch it. It's too different of a game.

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It'll be buggy.

I think you mean id. Bethesda Softworks is a publisher.

It's an idea with potential, Doom 2016 gives off Metroid Prime vibes in level design and controls. However, very unlikely to happen.

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BraLoD said:
It'll be buggy.

I had the same thought. Nintendo would need to do a lot of game testing to make sure that the game achieves their quality standard. 

Man, playing Doom on the Switch, I thought of that multiple times. The backtracking, graphics, and platforming were pretty tight. They could do it justice.

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If Nintendo had Bethesda developing an exclusive I would want it to be a new property and a WRPG (to diverse the game library).

I'd worry about glitches, though.

mZuzek loves Starfox Adventures

Bethesda are hard at work on their second Skryim port for Switch.