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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Animal Crossing Pocket Camp out for iOS/Android in late November

Ljink96 said:
Jeez the Chat is pure cancer. Why are they asking for Smash Mobile!? This wasn't a smash direct or even a Switch direct...people....

I guess I should consider myself lucky that the chat was disabled on my end.

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Late November, huh? Perhaps Animal Crossing Switch is closer than we think.

I'm actually surprised they put this many of the main AC features into the mobile app. It's impressive, really. It also makes me think the next AC is going to have a lot more new features than we are used to, since this app is so similar in how you play with new leaf and wide world. This makes me more excited for AC Switch!

Should make Nintendo a decent amount of money, IMO. Not sure it will interest me personally though.

This will be huge!

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Thread Title and OP Updated


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The reaction on Twitter appears to be mostly positive.

I was really hoping for a closer release date. Seem dumb to have a direct for a mobile game a month before it releases. But the game seems decent. not much else to say about it. I think I can have some stupid fun in it for a few weeks and then move on.


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It looks very nice! We'll see how long I will play it for. (Probably for a month)

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