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How Color-Blind?

Not at all 83 88.30%
Slightly color-blind 7 7.45%
I am 3 3.19%
Very color-blind (specify) 1 1.06%

Normal, but in two of them I had to rotate my table screea a bit to be able to perceive a pattern, it looked all gray at the direct angle I was looking at.

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MILD DEUTAN according to the site

It said I have normal colour vision, so I'm not colour blind I guess

Normal ... 

Awesome, means I can take full advantage of HDR ... 

2 - 3 were a bit tricky, but I got there in the end.

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Normal Color Vision

Normal vision. There was only one I couldn't see at all. Some other were hard but I was able to make them out.

Normal, but some of the images were very difficult. I didn't see anything in one (and neither did my girlfriend, who was looking over my shoulder), and a few were just difficult. The difficult ones seemed to all be pretty grey(-ish), if I remember correctly.

normal cv

Tsubasa Ozora

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Normal Color Vision. Couldn't see 2-3 of them however. Seems about right.

I wonder how monitor color calibration affects the test.


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