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Forums - Sports Discussion - Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor: Mayweather won!


Who is going to win?

Floyd Mayweather 204 66.02%
Conor McGregor 105 33.98%

Saturday 26th

You can watch the fight on Showtime, UFC, and Sky Sports



Username Prediction
jason1637 Mayweather
Bristow9091 McGregor
VGPolyglot Mayweather
Oneeee-Chan!!! Mayweather
hudsoniscool Mayweather
Darc Requiem Mayweather
Shikamo Mayweather
zero129 Mayweather
Areym Mayweather
KBG29 Mayweather
spurgeonryan McGregor
Aeolus451 McGregor
darknut Mayweather
Kerotan Mayweather
vivster Mayweather
Angelus Mayweather
Jranation Mayweather
JRPGfan Mayweather
Dark_Lord_2008 Mayweather
FIT_Gamer Mayweather
StokedUp Mayweather
NPCmates Mayweather
Dr.Vita Mayweather
crissindahouse Mayweather
poklane Mayweather
shikamaru317 Mayweather
CleggaZ McGregor
MichaelH Mayweather
Johnw1104 Mayweather
markodeniro McGregor
Dallinor Mayweather
Miguel_Zorro Mayweather
Ariakon Mayweather
Snoopy Mayweather
AbbathTheGrim Undertaker with a chair
Signalstar Mayweather