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Forums - Sports Discussion - Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor: Mayweather won!


Who is going to win?

Floyd Mayweather 204 66.02%
Conor McGregor 105 33.98%

I'm seriously not a fan of Money but he'll destroy McGregor. In the mat, yes.... but boxing is more of a controlled environment and heavily relies on defense as well as stamina.

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Head says mayweather, heart says mcgregor. The Irish have taken over Vegas again. The scenes from the Irish fans are amazing.

Now does mcgregor have a chance.
On fight night:
16 pounds heavier (estimate)
Longer reach
South paw
Very unorthodox
1 punch knock out power
Precision punches

Despite all that though mayweather is 49-1 and should point his way to a decision win. I'd love to see him shock the world though.

Not only is Mayweather a better boxer, but he's also better at wrestling. I mean, he beat the Big Show.

I really hope Mayweather wins so the internet loses its collective shit. Right now McGregor needs a decent pummeling to get off of his fucking horse.

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Anyone who thinks McGregor has a shot in this fight is delusional. He's going to get destroyed.

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I think they've both already won. IMO The fight is going to be fixed for Mayweather to win and a rematch to be scheduled. It's the biggest fucking payday ever for a bullshit fight between two idiots.

As someone said, I hope the two knock each other out.

Mayweather FTW!
Despite living in Ausralia..... That Gregor guy is a douche!

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I want Conor McGregor too win, but im like 90% sure its going to be Floyd Mayweather who does so.

I have ringside tickets! I have ringside tickets! Floyd to win by unanimous decision or by KO in 10th round. I have ringside tickets!

TBH I couldn't care less who wins. I find boxing to be the most boring of combat sports.

That being said I think Floyd will find a way to win. Conor has chance early in the fight though.

I just want it to be over so he can finally defend a belt in the UFC. Dude has held 4 belts in 2 different promotions with zero title defenses. Time for him to prove he can not only win a belt, but hold on to it.