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Forums - Politics Discussion - Tony "Tha Mooch" Scaramucci is no more

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Conina said:

So he won't do the fandango? Well, easy come, easy go...

He's just a poor boy,needs no sympathy.

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Gen. Kelly had no time for such nonsense. Glad to see this administration finally put their faith into both Gen. Kelly and Gen. Mattis.

I remember I saw an Onion Article of his statements and I thought they were a parody.

And then I realized they were true. That was insane.

To bad. I believe the real reason he got fired was based on to much media attention to quick in his role. One thing you cannot do is steal any lime light from the President. Anyway I would be surprised if Kelly last long. Who will be next to go, either Bannon, Tillerson or Sessions are now on the block.

When will this circus ever end?!

Impeach that tragedy already...

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Trump sure is a great showman.

Trump currently reminds me of when I purposely bring the worst out of everything in 2k sports

We should all ask for a job in the white house. If the mooch is getting a job there then we can be everything.
We will enter, say hello and good bye. Would look good on our CV.

Well Trump is slowly proving that politics isn't his game. Why the hell did he hire Scaramucci in the first place?

The 'No chaos' tweet is obviously BS. At least the media have something real to criticise him for now. The made up Russia shit was getting really old.

Sells his company, deletes a lot of tweets, has a hilarious meltdown with a reporter - and didn't realize the reporter would report it.

Threatens that he will fire everyone, AND gets divorced the second his wife has a baby.

All to work a job for 10 days...

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