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Forums - Politics Discussion - Tony "Tha Mooch" Scaramucci is no more

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Errorist76 said:
Locknuts said:
Well Trump is slowly proving that politics isn't his game...

....The made up Russia shit was getting really old.

Wait...did you say slowly?!!

Btw that 'Russia shit' is far from made up...even if Trum and his relatives didn't actively participate in it, Putin has his hackers and fingers in elections all over the planet. You're naive to think there is no truth to it just because some BBC guy stated they exaggerated a bit. Btw just so you know the USA themselves try to manipulate elections all over the planet, sometimes even by pushing their own candidates.

Putin is supporting right winged parties all over Europe. He wants to destabilise the continent, weaken it.

He did similar measures in the U.S. He let his army of hackers dig up Hillary's emails and distribute them to WikiLeaks. He knew that's how he could play his part and weaken America in the long run.

Well I've been trying to give the guy a fair trial.

What has been made up so far is Trump's collusion with the Russian government. All major powers try to manipulate elections all over the world. There is no proof that Russia succeeded in this election. And the media have failed every time they have reported that Trump or his campaign colluded with Russia.

The problem with Hillary's emails was the contents of the emails and the fact that she felt the need to delete them and kept them unsecure in the first place. As secretary of state she should have known that hackers were going to attempt to get into her private server, whether they be from Russia, China, Iran or any other number of countries the USA has pissed off. As Comey said, she was 'extremely careless' which is the definition of grossly negligent. She should be in prison right now for being so negligent with state secrets.

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Lol good. The guy was a joke anyway.

Errorist76 said:
Netyaroze said:
Well tbh Trump is what america needs right now. So they can figure out what they do not want in the future.

Still cant believe he got in. Well he is only president by name as he is not very effective in governing.

It's also quite what America deserves atm. No discussion.

Less than half of all Americans voted, and less than half of that half voted for the cheeto, meaning less than 25% of people actually voted for him. No one deserves such a terrible person

konnichiwa said:

Lol! That reminds me of this running gag in Twin Peaks where Laura's dad keeps getting fired and re-hired

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konnichiwa said:


To be fair, it's not contradictory at all. What America needs is the polar opposite of what is good for Trump. So if Scaramucci is bad for Trump, then it's definitely what America needs.

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