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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which is the most significant (important) console in history?


Which is the most important console ever?

Atari 2600 119 6.86%
NES 806 46.48%
SNES 109 6.29%
Sega Genesis 25 1.44%
N64 54 3.11%
PSX 303 17.47%
XBox 14 0.81%
PS2 225 12.98%
XB360 20 1.15%
Other - please explain 59 3.40%

I would say NES bringing back quality into the gaming market
Than the Ps1 for making games what they are today

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I would like to ask the people who pick PS2, what impact do you think it had on the industry? I don't see anything the original Playstation hadn't already done. It didn't bring much new, it just sold a lot of units. It even had the same controller as the original Playstation.
The NES, Wii and PS1 had a much bigger impact

I'll go with the first ever console, the Magnovox Odysssey. It kickstarted the console market, and Pong only exists because Atari rippped off the game after seeing the Odyssey.

PAOerfulone said:

No NES? Guess what:

No Mario.
No Zelda.
No Final Fantasy.
No Dragon Quest.
No Castlevania.
No Metroid.
No Sonic.
No Crash.
No Pokemon.
No Halo.
No Call of Duty.
No Uncharted.
No Last of Us.

Why no Mario without NES? The Mario series was started in 1983 on Arcade, not on the NES. And as almost any popular Arcade franchise, it was ported to a lot of home systems, f.e. Atari 2600 in 1983 and Apple 2 in 1984. And the same goes for Donkey Kong.

So even if Nintendo had decided to not enter the home console hardware business, they probably still would have made a lot of games for Arcades and later for other home systems.

Why no Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest without NES? Most RPG games weren't suited to Arcades due to their longer playtime and more complex gameplay... but if Nintendo had decided to not enter the home console hardware business, Square + Enix would have released these games on other popular systems, f.e. MSX, FM-7, C-64 and home consoles which would have filled the vacuum instead of the NES.

Why no Call of Duty and Halo? These genres were born on powerful PCs. The first CoD was launched for PC and Halo was planned for Mac.

Just a few examples... most games would have been developed even without the NES.

Magnavox Odyssey for being the first.

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NES then PS1 are my two choices.

NES by a country mile.

Not only was it infamously the console that "saved" console gaming in North America, but it was also the first game console to be HUGELY popular. Atari was a cultural phenomenon in the early 80s, but far less so. NES sold over 60 million worldwide in a time when gaming, especially in NA, was seen as something only kids and "losers" were into. Gaming itself was NOT a mainstream, popular thing back then. NES also spawned so many great franchises, that it either originated, or made popular, including by not limited to:

Kid Icarus
Donkey Kong
Kirby (started on GB but REALLY got popular with this game, because of the powers)
Punch Out
Dr. Mario
Double Dragon
Ninja Gaiden
Metal Gear
Mega Man
Final Fantasy
Dragon Quest
Adventure Island
etc. etc. etc.

Many systems have been important or notable. But I don't think there's really a solid argument AGAINST NES, historically speaking, being the "most important console of all time".

PS1 - Made the industry as popular as it is today

Aeolus451 said:
UltimateGamer1982 said:

Why are ppl so ignorant of this? The original playstation was called "psx" for many years. It was just a nickname. Young gamers probably wouldn't know that though. It was only called ps1 after the ps2 was announced to differentiate the two. The psx system you linked, which weirdly Sony named after the nickname the ps1 went by for many years, is the ps2 hybrid system released in 2003. 


I thought of it as playstation until PS2 came out then I started to think of it as PS1.

In Europe at least it was always called the Playstation, the first time numbers came into it was with the PSone and PS2 on the horizon but the original system was always just referred to as Playstation, where does the X even come from in this abbreviation?


Righto after some reading about the X comes from Playstation Experiment a pre release name given to the system and used by some magazines after the consoles launch... Jesus I'm glad gaming magazines are for the most part dead, or we'd still have people talking about the NX and Xenon today as their favourite consoles of all times....

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I agree with the poll! 



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