Forums - Politics Discussion - CNN Producer: Russia Narrative "mostly bulls--t right now", is manufactured for ratings

Mr Puggsly said:
vivster said:
People can rage about the mainstream media all they want, that won't make the facts disappear.

CNN and MSNBC are pushing stories to get ratings, not because they have facts.

The recount for example was a scam, they were lying about Russian hacking to void electoral votes. Now any republicans talking to Russians is treason.

I'm fine for investigating our administration to find any actual wrongdoing. That's how we learned our past administrations was corrupt. That and leaks. But CNN and MSNBC are speculating and misleading for ratings.

Focusing on the mistakes of the media doesn't make the case any less serious. Aside from the media there still are the reports of FBI and CIA. Considering the proven fact that russia intervened in the election on a large scale it's only natural that every single contact from the Trump campaign to Russian officials should be scrutinized as they were the people benefitting the most.

There is no witch hunt, there just wasn't ever in the History of the US a president as unethical, stupid and untruthful as Donald Trump. And that includes Nixon and Bush.

If you know you have a president who's been lying half of the time he opens his mouth and showed that he has no regard for anyone other than himself, then of course you will scrutinize every single word that comes out of him.

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Torillian said:
Aeolus451 said:

If you and others of the left keep thinking/acting in this manner, you'll see a second term of trump again. Keep pushing the bullshit narractive of russia and hate trump at all costs. 

Out of curiosity, how do you (someone obviously on the right) think that the left should act if they don't want a second Trump term? I hear this idea a lot that the left's hate of Trump will get him reelected, but what should the strategy be to fight Trump if you disagree with his policies and what a scientifically illiterate nitwit he is?

Trump was voting in by people. Insulting those people and acting more like radical far-left only proves the claims about the left (mainly progressives) being out of touch with people in general. Do you seriously think that all of the protests and the kind of rhetoric star ocean is saying is doing any favors for the left in the minds of regular people?  People rejected the ideology of the left because of progressives, SJWs and because of them being divisive as a motherfucker by framing everything in the context of race, religion, wealth, sex, sexual orientations, etc. The left is only digging themselves in deeper in shit with the way they're acting. 

If you want to change the minds of the people who voted him in, acting like reasonable, calm and rational people who debate things around what is good for the people and not will go a long way. Frame it as cons vs pros. Keep coming at us with the same ol' shit and he'll be electing again. 

FragilE^ said:
StarOcean said:

I ain't left. For fucks sake. Kill Hillary in cold blood, I'd be happy then too. Anyone who follows a political party in this country just needs to be beaten to death as it is. Burn the Republicans and hang the Democrats. If it all means Trump is killed, that's all that matters

Are you just trying to get a reaction out of people, or are you actually insane? :o

I legitimately believe in a public Trump execution. I don't care as much about the right or other right (Dems arent left in the slightest). They need to go though. Whether by peaceful protest or them burning down

No matter what side you sit on.
No matter what side you spit on.

This is why we have Trump in office.

This is the fuel in which his engines burn.
Making Trump voters think they are in the wrong only strengthens his positions when this kind of shit happens.
BOTH parties lost voters to trump but neither party wants to accept that.
Both parties need to rebuild...but right now...I would saw the democrats need new blood. BIG time.

The investigation should run its course. It is pretty established that Russia interfered. Whether there was collusion with the Trump campaign is the question that needs to be answered.

The story never appeared on TV. The responsible reporters and investigators have resigned. CNN offered its mea culpa.

Also Trump won with 3 million less votes. Yes he won the electoral college. Yes he I'd President but do not act like the majority or even a plurality of Americans voted for him or support him. The right are acting all high and mighty because they eon on a technical anomaly.

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I want CNN to die. That is all.

Pixel Art can be fun.

I already said CNN is for entertainment, however "You have no smoking gun, you have no real proof." Is that what an innocent man would say? :p

Hey Soundwave what do you have to say about this :^)

...Let the Sony Domination continue with the PS4...
vivster said: 

If you know you have a president who's been lying half of the time he opens his mouth and showed that he has no regard for anyone other than himself, then of course you will scrutinize every single word that comes out of him.

That's kinda the problem. They scrutinize and spin everything he says. There is a reason why much of this media has lost credibility.

They also spend too much time specualting on what the Trump administration is doing versus what he actually says.

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It's pretty hilarious that they finally got caught out. Trump is winning a lot lately.