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Nautilus said:
And kill any potential sales as you would be destroying the very definition of what the Switch is?

Brilliant idea, buddy.



Also 4k, really?. Nintendo doesn't need to go down the 4k fad route, not until 4k is good and ready for them, just like how I'm not touching native 4k until it's been fully irned out, games and hardware. 


Even if they made a TV like Switch device, whatever power it could hold would be held back by the OG Switch itself, just like how the Pro and X1X are held back by their OG models. 


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I swear some people fail to grasp what makes the Switch the success it is and are intent to see it ruined.

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vivster said:
Nautilus said:

Dosent make it less silly.If I see everything by the consumer side, then I wished Playstation first party games were in Nintendo systems, that everything should cost the manufacturing costs without profits factored in.While at that, make XBox gaming division exclusive to Switch too!

You are right, things such as business sense, making good decisions so that said companies dont go bankrupt and stop making the games we love, shouldnt be even considered.

Consumers decide. I couldn't care less if Nintendo goes bankrupt because no one wants to buy their consoles anymore That's called business. There are plenty of great game developers. Even better, if Nintendo actually goes bankrupt, all of their talented developers will be free to make games on way better hardware platforms.

The wealth of a company is no consumer's concern, especially in an age of oversaturation of entertainment options.

Keep telling yourself that.  Meanwhile the Switch sells out within hours of being re-stocked.  And, keep telling yourself that the consumer doesn't want to have a choice of hardware, or that somehow freedom of choice is bad for consumers.  Whatever helps you to sleep at night I guess, but in the real world, choice and competition have always been to the benefit of the consumer.  You, or the single universal console manufacturer that exists in your communist inspired fantasy land don't get to decide what the rest of the gaming population games on. 

I'm with you. It even sounds doable - if they leave out the screen, batteries, Joycon and don't have to miniaturize and keep power consumption ultra low anymore, their bill of materials should be waaay cheaper. Spend that on CPU and GPU instead and you'd have a NonSwitch Pro. Fully compatible, but 4K output.

I'd love that, and I say that as a happy Switch owner. Who happens not to care for portability.

Every time Nintendo releases a product certain people on this site try to recreate it in the Microsoft/Sony image. Every time. Give it a rest. Nintendo always has and always will exist outside the normal console ecosystem and always will. Sometimes it hurts, but very often it pays off in huge dividends. And 4K...I'm sorry but that is not the end all be all that some of you think. 4K tvs are at least 5 years from being anywhere close to standard. People have already purchased several HD tvs and they're just not as rich as you might think.

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Nintendo doesnt need you as a customer.

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Why is everybody getting so aggressive? Chill, fellow Nintendo fans.

His proposal would simply be an option, it wouldn't take anything away from those who love the Switch as a portable. No split userbase, no separate software development, just higher resolution for those who want it.

At the same time Nintendo would avoid repeating a mistake they made with the Wii: Sleeping on a new TV standard. They kept telling themselves that HD was still far off, and suddenly averybody had moved on to the competitor's HD consoles. Same story right now: 4K is nothing exotic anymore, check out any electronics store, it's the standard already. Nobody buys a sub-4K TV these days.

SpokenTruth said:
I swear some people fail to grasp what makes the Switch the success it is and are intent to see it ruined.

Yea, during the Wii days, it was always. I want/waitin for Nintendo to release a Wii with PS3 specs and a classic controller.

It's like they think if they "adjust" the Nintendo console to match the playstation console in design/specs/ect we won't see what they really want to say.

They just want Nintendo 3rd party.

Nintendo's reputation in the console market is still recovering. They can't pull a stunt like that now. Can you imagine a gamer who hasn't purchased a Nintendo system in years and randomly just gives the Switch a chance and bought it just to hear another more powerful version just got revealed.

irstupid said: 

They just want Nintendo 3rd party.

Aaargh, console warrior bullshit. What am I even doing here, how old is everybody? 12? 

I'm the biggest Nintendo fan you'll meet (had every Nintendo console from the NES, loved motion controlled Zelda, you name it) and still I'd prefer a non-portable, more powerful Switch. Not because Sony/MS - I couldn't care less, cause I don't care for their games. Nintendo all the way for me. But I prefer home consoles! And TV's are good and big these days, so why can't I wish for up-to-date image quality?