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So you want them to make a Switch... that doesn't switch? They'd have to rename it like how the 3DS became the 2DS. As it's already been suggested, the Dock Pro would make more sense, boost the capabilities on a big screen, but allow you to swith and take it on the go in portable mode.

no they don't.

Good thread though.

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onionberry said:
new generation. same threads.

But Nintendo need to make a Wii U without a tablet and with 1080p visuals... and a blu ray player... and have it play PS4 games too, that's the console I want....


you can drop the Wii-U and Wii game support if they want, but then that's the system I'd buy!!!111

Fancy hearing me on an amateur podcast with friends gushing over one of my favourite games?

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Nintendo came out last October with a video that perfectly communicated what the Switch is without using any words. They've had a ton of success selling on that message.

Doing something like this would completely undercut the message.

If you want high res, Sony and Microsoft make a box for that.

Ermm ... no? In that case it would be just another home console and 101% they wouldn't call it "Switch" as it would have nothing to do with the "switching" and whole concept in general. Nintendo still might release new home system in the future and, who knows, even with the shared Switch library, but apart from being somewhat backwards/sideways compatible, it would be a completely new system.

I think that would be unecessary. Besides, it would take away the very pourpose of the device itself, which is to be a console that can be played both everywhere.

I do think, thought, that a bundle with a Pro Controller and a game would be nice, very nice.

Why bother making it powerful? Nintendo games aren't designed to take advantage of it?

I just want them to sell a traditional Switch console with the pro controller for $199.

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Gwaphix powah nuthin els madders

hahahahahaha. Really funny. I laughed out loud here.