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I'm a bit rusty with math, but it seems to add up.

He is a gamer + He doesn't like what Nintendo is doing = Nintendo's business is bad for gamers

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germibobi said:
super_etecoon said:
Arms is safe? Splatoon is safe? Cel-shaded Link is safe? First-Person Metroid is safe? Nintendo takes huge risks with its IPs and with its hardware. Ever heard of that really safe bet called the WiiU? Or the Wii for that matter? These are bold risks that the company continues to take...and Nintendo fans don't just buy it because they slap a logo on it. Nintendo fans are fickle and have high expectations. We'll show up in droves if you give us a good game...and we'll forget you exist if you don't. But keep on keeping on with the victim mentality now that Nintendo is riding a good press wave.

I get your sentiment but I feel like Arms and Splatoon are going to sell regardless because as I said people buy Nintendo games in bunches especially if the console has sold well. And when those titles are part of a very limited catalogue of games they are bond to do well because people need to play something on the new system they just bought. Arms isn't even getting great reviews and I guarentee you it will sell a whole lot. Also as I mentioned in a previous post I find a game like Arms or Splatoon incredibly chidlish. Nintendo is catering so much to kids which is good strategy but I don't have to like it. Sony and Microsoft have games for kids but that's not their main focus. Even the new Zelda which is fantastic could have been more gritty.

Arms was announced this year.  It doesn't affect Sony or Microsoft.  In fact...nothing affects those companies except the relatively boring tastes of its userbase (see, we both can play this part of the game).  Nintendo gives us ADULTS really cool, somewhat psychadelic experiences that give us great joy.  Shooting someone in the head in a dull, drab environment or being barked orders at by some captain or sergeant or whatever just doesn't interest me, regardless of the graphical fidelity.  Nintendo isn't hurting anyone except maybe you for some reason.  They exist outside the HD food chain so if anyone is to blame for safeness, it might be Microsoft's lagging first party that is allowing Sony to rest on its laurels...if that's what you think they are doing.

zorg1000 said:
why is this thread getting serious responses?

sorry...was bored at work.

The main problem Nintendo had last gen was droughts. If they can maintain a constant stream of new games then there shouldn't be a problem. Third party would be cool but Nintendo is too stubborn to make a console on the level of its competitors.

germibobi said:

 Also as I mentioned in a previous post I find a game like Arms or Splatoon incredibly chidlish. Nintendo is catering so much to kids which is good strategy but I don't have to like it. Sony and Microsoft have games for kids but that's not their main focus. Even the new Zelda which is fantastic could have been more gritty.

That's most definitely a poor argument. Gaming, and playing in general is fundementally childish - and that's why we do it, because children are just happier, as a whole. Responsibilities and planning define an adult - we game to leave that behind. Adulthood gives you access to new thematics, but it does not invalidate any entertainment form you had beforehand, and it's certainly the just right of anyone to further relive the fun. If people so choose to keep their playtime seperate from their real-life worries and dillemas, that is their choice, which you have no right to look down upon.  

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Da fuck is going on here?

germibobi said:
collint0101 said:

Going off of your logic games like wonderful 101, codename steam, the last story or even 1,2 switch should have moved millions of units just like Splatoon. Also why does a game need to be gritty to be good?

I'm not necessairly saying it has but you can't deny Nintendo consoles for the past 10 years or have been mainly marketed to kids, can you?

They make games for everyone but people like to generalize and only focus on Mario and Pokemon. Wii had fatal frame, metroid, the 1 realistic Zelda, xenoblade, last story, Pandora's tower. Wii u saw fatal and xenoblade come back along with bayonetta, hardcore focused releases like Pokkén, Tokyo mirage sessions. The 3ds has fire emblem, Nintendo was pushing 3rd party releases like bravely default and shin megami tensei ect. If all you look for is Mario all you'll see is Mario. 

collint0101 said:
SegataSanshiro said:
Awful topic. Every PlayStation console has had a shit launch lineup. Never seemed to stop them. Also does anyone remember Wii's launch lineup outside Wii Sports and Zelda? Switch already has 3 new IPs from Nintendo. Not since SNES have they launched with so many new IPs in the same year.

Off topic but the vita launch line up was oddly pretty dope 

Maybe that willbe easier for ya.

germibobi said:

They have shown your console doesn't even have to have all the big AAA 3rd party stuff and you can still sell it like hotcakes. They have shown it's OK to have like 3 games in the launch of new console and your console would still be doing exceptionally.  They can literally release any quirky Mario, Kirby, Just Dance game and they sell like hotcakes. This does nothing to promote competition within the industry. Now companies like Microsoft and Sony know they slack off and still make profits. Sony has have began to do it - look at this E3 they went with the safe stuff. No shocking announcments because they know Microsoft and Nintendo are not in direct competitoin with them. 

Finding some inaccuracies in your post...

-3 games at launch of new console is incorrect. They had 10 total games at launch of the system for people to play with 5 games being exclusive to the system (Fast RMX, Bomberman R, Zelda: BotW, Snipperclips, and 1-2 Switch) along with 29 games (includes indies) by the end of its launch month of March.

-Just Dance is not a Nintendo-made game. It's an Ubisoft game that is available on all platforms. Also the reason why Nintendo's main franchises sell is because of the quality put into each of their games. If Nintendo put as little attention to detail or changed the formula as much as Sega has done with Sonic, Mario (and maybe Nintendo) wouldn't be where it is today.

But anyways...Nintendo knows they need third party games, even if its not AAA level games. They have not played safe and have released new franchises like ARMS (fighter), Splatoon (3rd person competitive shooter), and Pikmin (strategy) to add to their most popular franchises like Zelda, Mario and Kirby over the past couple couple decades and fill in different genres they have been missing. Some (Splatoon) being more successful than others (Pikmin), with still an undecided (ARMS). Sony went safe this E3 because they have a huge lead in sales this console generation but also have something that isn't safe in VR even with their constant push of the concept. Microsoft isn't playing safe by releasing a mid-gen console that may end up segmenting gamers between the original Xbone, ones, and onex unless they release games that can run on all 3 or later decide to make onex-only games and ditch the s and original.

germibobi said:

I am blaming Nintendo for playing it super safe and boring but people keep rewarding and praising. Instead of doing new IPs there is this quirky Mario game Odysey or something: what in world even is this? But gamers and critics have both praised the hell out of it. I get it's probably a fun game but how can you stack up this games against games like Red Dead, Anthem, etc.

Where is their 3rd party support? How can the get away with literally most AAA games not coming to their flagmanship console? If this Microsoft or Sony, they'd be slaughtered and no one would buy their system. 

They literally put a graphic for the new Metroid and people lost their shit. Like do we even know when it's coming? 2020 or so?

Huh... I see. Believe it or not, people really like mario and there's huge differences between Odyssey and every previous 3D mario game. 

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