Forums - Nintendo Discussion - At my store, Arms is the slowest selling Switch game so far

Of course it won't be as popular as Zelda and Mario Kart, but I would be surprised if it doesn't sell more than Street Fighter and Binding of Isaac.

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Just not a massive demand for fighting games regardless of the Nintendo tag

That happens when you plaster them in swastikas ;)

Last i checked it was sold out in every gamestop in Ireland.

Spurge, you've even posted in the other ARMS sales thread where multiple people mentioned how it was completely sold out in their area.

Safe to say, what's going on in your store seems to not be applicable to the whole of US. It's still interesting and I wonder if another store in your area has a promotion going on, or if people in your area just aren't that into ARMS.

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KLAMarine said:
Nogamez said:
Well TBF I'm passing on it too, but I've only bought BotW, MK8D and 12 switch.

Unfortunate. I have my copy and am enjoying it thoroughly. Fighting the AI at their toughest is a rush of emotions as you try to react to every single move they make and every opening that presents itself.

Did you dislike the testpunch?

I never tried the test punch missed it, just seems like a game I would try a few times then not play. What's it like online?

Jranation said:

Your store = Everywhere else? 

neither did OP say this nor suggest it, he clearly always stated that he is talking about _his_ store

I was very disappointed in the game being multiplayer focused. Reviews are saying that there's not really a single player mode worth playing. That is why I am passing. While I love multiplayer in games, I really want my ultimate experience to be in the single player.

Multiplayer games tend to be about spending hours and hours practicing to "git good" so you can actually win battles. I don't have the time for that kind of reptition.

If a proper single player mode gets added, I'll certainly get it.

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definitely not expecting it to set the charts on fire, i will guess it might limp to a million eventually

In my store has sold pretty well


I buyed one copy and i'm really enjoying it