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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Prediction: Mario Kart 9 won't release until a decade or more after MK8

I think it will happen in the next console but a decade is crazy

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If not releasing mk9 on switch, it would be a launch title for switch sucessor.

if they were really planning on making a Mario Kart 9 for the Switch they would not have ported Mario Kart to the console with a bunch of new features. if they made Mario Kart 9 for the Switch now, what would it bring to the table? are you expecting 32 new courses? a new UI? 5 MORE new battle modes? its not going to happen.

I'm doubtful, pretty sure we will see another Mario Kart before then

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I think some are misunderstanding me. I'm not predicting it will be a decade from now, I'm saying a decade or close to that from 2014 (MK8's original release). I just don't see MK9 before 2022 unless it happens on the Switch, which I don't see either.

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Two years later, and I stand by this prediction more than ever. Doesn't seem like there's any inkling of a new MK game currently in development, especially with 8D still selling like hot cakes. We probably are not seeing MK9 until 2023-2024, i.e. a decade after 8 released.

I mean it's possible that we don't get MK9 on Switch. But in the past Mario Kart has been split between handhelds and home consoles. The Switch is a hybrid, and it very well could get a unique Mario Kart game. I know Nintendo wants as much money out of Mario Kart 8 as possible, but waiting about a decade for a new Mario Kart is nuts.

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Well, it might be a decade. I am not expecting a new Mario Kart until the Switch's successor and that may be 2022, 2023. I expect that a new Mario Kart launches with the successor.

The other less likely scenario in my mind is that a new Mario Kart releases during the release of the other next gen consoles but all that would serve to do in my opinion is make another 15M+ selling piece of software, not gain much hardware market share. Which is why I think Nintendo saves a new Kart for the next Switch to push hardware very quickly and software very quickly. And not only quickly but overtime as well.

It would be wise to have mk 9 as a launch title for the switch successor. They need a huge title at launch and I don't see a new Zelda being ready for the launch of the next console.

they skipped it. mk11 is out, and it's multi-plat

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