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As you well know, Sony has been dominating the scene with exclusive announcements, partnerships and just and overall dominant showing. They are back to their original form when they original entered the industry. Now that this is over, I have a weird feeling that Sony is going to show us the expected games and probably a couple of new exclusives at E3. Problem is the games that are expected in the future might get pushed back to PSX to further mount the antiticpation. This is just a feeling I have. Sony did this last year at E3 when we all thats it?  Then at PSX they shut down 2016. What do you think about this? They have to show exclusives for VR and many other things. What its the fate of the Vita as well? I know they will talk about Indie games at E3 for sure. They always do.The question is now that PSX is becoming a secondary mainstay show to house all of their exclusive announcements...what else could they be holding back for that or will they be cutting their announcements in half to support the reveals at the end of the year?

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I really want them to discuss the future of the Vita. Even if it's them announcing its official death, I'd like to know Sony still recognizes its existence

Umm, don't they save announcements for PSX every year? It's nothing new. If they didn't announce anything big PSX would be pointless.

VGPolyglot said:
Umm, don't they save announcements for PSX every year? It's nothing new. If they didn't announce anything big PSX would be pointless.

Come on, let S.T.A.G.E. have this.

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I don't have any doubt they will save stuff for PSX. PlayStation is so massive of a division for Sony, that they have announcements to spread out all year. We see non gaming stuff at CES in January, then we see tech stuff and maybe some game outreaching projects at GDC in March, they always have something to announce for FY Results and Forecasts in May, then we have games at E3 June, followed by more games TGS September, a European event around games in October, and finally PSX for core gamers/PlayStation fans in December.

PlayStation is becoming a massive player in the electronics, computer, and entertainment industries. PlayStation Network and PlayStation Network services are reaching beyond gaming, and PlayStation hardware. There is so much content, services, applications, and hardware coming to PlayStation, that Sony truly has a never ending supply of major announcements to make. This is by far the most exciting time I have seen in gaming and electronics in my 30 years on the planet.

I am extreamly excited to see what they have at E3, TGS, Paris/Germany, and PSX. Between Hardware, VR, Games, Networking, OS, and Apps, there is plenty to fill these events with excitement and hype around PlayStation. All of these new features, form factors, mediums, and such need a huge spot light and time to shine.

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I forgot PSX now stands for PlayStation Experience. It used to be the abbreviation for PS1 and that PS2 thing in Japan. I was confused for a minute.

Of course they will, they do it every year. The also save a few for Gamescom/TGS/Paris Games Week usually.

Isn't that sorta...................... obvious? I mean why have a show if there wouldn't be anything to announce?

That's like saying "Call me crazy but I think Sony will announce a game at E3."

Well that was kinda obvious,lol.

Though, I think Sony will probably utilize their E3 conference as a platform to show off their already known games and PSX will be where they announce their new stuff with teasers and such.

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They're going to have to. There's no way they could show off their already announced games and still have room for new announcements. There's just so much there.

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