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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - I'm just curious - how many have seen a 360 RROD?

DMeisterJ said:
WiiStation360 said:
100% of the XBox owners I know have had their machines RROD. (okay, so that is only one person) I did see it with my own eyes. That was a few months ago, and he has not gotten around to sending it back yet. Which sucks, because we cannot play Gears when I visit.

I am not sure I see the purpose of this thread.

Madskillz would like to believe that RRoD doesn't exist, and if it does, that it's far better than the PS2's Disk Read Error.


[both untrue I might add]

No, I believe it exists - it happened to me - but what I want to see is - how many folks have witnessed this problem. Seriously, there's no way to confirm if folks are telling the truth on the Web, but I will say I've owned 3 PS2s and all of them - ALL - had the DRE happen. My fat PS2 (with a 300gd HD) still does it from time to time - I've just learned to live with it.

Folks state it (RROD) happens all the time - what I am asking is - share your experience with the class. What I am trying to see is how much is actual fact and first-hand knowledge vs. hearsay, point blank.

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360 RROD that sounds like a freaky service a hooker offers.

Rock_on_2008 said:
Check out my sig average person has never heard of XBox 360 RROD.

My best friend never heard of the RROD.  He still experienced it.   Now that I think about it, my cousin didn't know what it was either.  Granted it was before the epedimic was addressed, and given a name.   I suppose it's possible that internet forums are the cause of the problem.  Sort of like a self fulfil.............

*has Red Ring of Death flashback.  Stares off into space*

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RAcCoOnErOuS said:
Friend had it go RRoD 3 times


which why i hate consoles

Well PCs ain't really that much better than consoles lol. I bought a 8800gt and that died on me after 1 month... I've also had 2 motherboard, 3 CPU and 1 HDD failure as well in my 11 years of owning a PC. Regardless, thats still better than getting the RRoD 3 times hahahah, tsk tsk Microsoft.

There was only every 2 consoles i had to replace, the NES and the PS2.

Cheaper 40GB PS3 models are reported to have around 10% failure rates.

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Mine red ringed me once. Two weeks later the disc drive failed - off to console heaven. Replacement arrived 4 weeks later.

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my brother saw one at a bestbuy month ago. recorded it with a cellphone camers

You can get a RROD if your powerbrick isnt connected properly, thats why a shitload of images are on the net.

Just take out the power cable, or the plug and you will get a RROD, plug it in and your good to go.

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1 of 3 people I know with a 360 have had it RRoD, but I didn't see the machine with my own eyes (he's got a replacement now, and he's happily playing Mass Effect). That said, I've seen three RRoD machines, all in retail outlets (1 in HMV, and 2 in Game).

Before I moved into this generation of gaming, this convinced me not to buy a 360, even though one of my mates tried his hardest to convert me.

I have 8 friends (including me) with a 360. Between all of us, it's happened 3 times. (twice to the same guy)