Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sony is going to bring the house DOWN at e3, Best e3 ever conference incoming? Topping last 2 years? Shinnobi tweets!

Shinobi pretty much confirms Sony is gonna bring the house down! 

What do you expect for the might gods at Sony? 

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I don't get it. Someone care to explain me please

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I don't know. They still have so many announced games yet to be released. I think we`ll get more info on already shown games. Maybe a few surprises.

Maybe gameplay for Death Stranding?

I don't think there will be much new stuff, they already have plenty of games announced ages ago that still don't have a relase date like:
-FFVII R Chap I(I know it's SE but it's a timed exclusive);
-Shenmue III;
-Days Gone;

-Death Stranding;

I don't think they can come out with more than say 3 new titles otherwise there won't be space for these games

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I can think of:

1) price drop
2) release date for GOW
3) release date for Spidey
4) GTS release date
5) PSABR 2 announcement
6) LOD Remake (sorry for triggering Pervy Sensei)
7) Sucker Punch game reveal
8) Deep Down re renewal as a full sp game with drop in and out co-op.
9) Devil May Cry 5 reveal with PS exclusive content
10) another popular old remake.

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Life is more like a game of bumper cars. At every turn there is a possibility you will get screwed.

Well they birthed 3 gaming miracles that no one thought would ever come in 2015. They turned their fortunes around in this industry at E3 2013 and embarrassed MS like they never had been before. I think it'll be hard to top those 2 aside from a Half-Life 3 announcement or something

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A PSABR with characters people actually want would be good.

Bloodborne 2??

No big new games to announce this E3 (big maybe: Sucker Punch, Until Dawn devs, FromSoft?), finally lengthy gemupurei trailers of:
-GoW 4
-Days Gone
-Shenmue 3
-GT Sport

-Destiny 2
-RDR2 (or not)

Smaller surprises: Shenmue HD Collection? Big budget indie announcements, Psychonauts 2 etc?

All games will have release dates/windows

maaaybeee TLOU2 but likely they save it after UCLL has come out so they can leave the series behind. So at PSX along with Death Stranding.