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Forums - Sales Discussion - Predict Switch's First Year Sales

7-8m. But if they release Pokémon game for it in the near future then it can go up to 15m


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I'd say 12M without Pokémon, 16M+ with Pokémon (n.b. only if Pokémon comes out this fall/holiday)

Around 13 millions would be my bet.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

I've said 8-9 million from March to December. Guess I have to increase that a bit, though. But following my original predictions, I'd say 10-11 million for the fiscal year.

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Hmm... I'll go with 9 million. A little conservative, I know. Will be happy to eat crow while playing my own switch this holiday.

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Just the one.

Right around WiiU's lifetime sales. I'll say 13m.

Before any e3 game announcement......

I would say 10mil!

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It is possible that it might sell Wii U lifetime total in just the first year.

Though I'll say a more conservative 11 million is likely.

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