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Forums - Sales Discussion - Predict Switch's First Year Sales

How about 7 million? Seems reasonable.

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WagnerPaiva said:
How about 7 million? Seems reasonable.

Between PS3 and XOne?

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If they show animal crossing, pokemon, pikmin 4 and some decent 3rd parties like MH, dark souls during E3, i estimate the switch to reach 15mil by march 2018

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More than DS, but less than PS4

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Lawlight said:
It's breaking records, right? I say 18M.

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12 m

With 4 impactful titles releasing this yr, I think Nintendo could sell as many Switch units as they can produce.

The front loaded strategy is smart - Zelda, MK8D, Spla2n, MariOddysee - each of these have "unique" fans aka system sellers. Then you have broader fans that view the entire lineup, and want in ASAP. Add all that up, and the number looks to be strong - Switch can easily surpass Wii U ltd in one yr (14+ mil). When you have the sw + DESIRABLE hw, look out....

If sales and high demand maintain throughout this yr, I think Nintendo will hold Pokemon Stars off until around the superbowl (Feb. '18). Fiscal yr 1 Switch will then close with a bang and Nintendo could meet their sales projections .That successfully creates momentum for Switch after yr 1. Then, its all about whats to come in 2018 and beyond, including HW refreshes. Good times ahead for Ninty.

Nintendo is going to try to break the year one record for sure.

I believe Nintendo Switch can break the year 1 record. The switch is going to sell out for a few more month and if stock ever build up, Nintendo will hit the market with bundles. Switch will be difficult to get for the rest of the year.

This Christmas will be all about the Nintendo Switch with a Mario Kart 8 bundle or Zelda: Breath of the wild Bundle and the release of Super Mario Odyssey.

I predict over 15 million in year 1.

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Roughly 12 million