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Forums - Sales Discussion - Predict Switch's First Year Sales

I'm gonna say . . . 14,450,557 or rounding it down 14 million.

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5.7 Mill

FallingTitan said:
5.7 Mill


8,304,234. Those are just random numbers I typed in.


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7 million....


woah I didn't realize 3ds sold so much first year o.O one of my favorite systems
OT: I'm gonna say 9.5 million without pokemon with pokemon like 11 million.



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SpokenTruth said:
WagnerPaiva said:
How about 7 million? Seems reasonable.

Between PS3 and XOne?

Well, just for the first year. The second one depends a lot on what Nintendo is planing to take this.

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I'm gonna say 12 million.

10+ mil in 2017, 2 mil early 2018.