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Forums - Sales Discussion - Predict Switch's First Year Sales

So, how much will the Switch sell in it's first year (March 2018)?

Here's past consoles/handhelds first years for comparrison (VGChartz numbers).

Wii - 14,519,705

3DS - 14,361,871

PS4 - 14,238,195

DS - 9,290,236

PSP - 8,069,020

XOne - 7,768,163

PS3 - 6,004,047

X360 - 5,943,800

Wii U - 3,900,583

Vita - 3,829,432

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That's a tough one. Around 10 million?

They're supposed to be producing 18 million in first year to the end of March 2018, so I'm going to predict around 13 million sales, with 5 million left as stock.

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13-14 milliom

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I'd rather wait until E3 so I can see the Switch's full first year line-up, but at the end of day I think there is one game that will make the biggest difference in the Switch's first year sales.

14 million+ with Pokémon

Around 10 million without

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Difficult to say, there is a lot of games coming out especially near the end of 2017. I say 13 million.

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Are those first year stats for other consoles the first 12 months for each?

Miguel_Zorro said:

Are those first year stats for other consoles the first 12 months for each?


9 Million by end of 2017.

10.5m by March 2018.

Somewhere between the DS and the PS4 - I'll go 12, I guess.