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Forums - Sony Discussion - Can Horizon Zero Dawn Sell 10mil Lifetime? (Or Close to It)


The game came out strong with only known sales currently at 2.6mil SELL THRU in its first 2 weeks with some supply issues in some areas.


The game is already a guaranteed 5mil+ seller. People are now expecting 6-8mil lifetime, but lets take it one step further with 10mil?


Can it do it? 10Mil shipped+digital lifetime or at least close to it?




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That's gonna be hard for a new IP, but games really seem to sell well on the PS4, so maybe.

I can't see it selling at Uncharted 4 level but I believe it can do +5m LTD.

Dont know how much Uncharted 4 sold digitally but its at 8.84m physically so im sure it must've hit 10m with digital.

Well if it gets bundled during the holiday and it's legs are that of a thunderjaw it might have a shot.

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6m-7m perhaps. 10m is too high a goal for a new, console-exclusive IP

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My original prediction before launch was: 4 Million in 2017, 6 million LTD.

Now I'd change my prediction to 5 Million in 2017, 7.5 million LTD.

If you say so.

It'll top out at 8.5-9 million, which is incredible.

Flilix said:
If you say so.

Nah my prediction atm is around 7.5mil-8mil lifetime. 10Mil is achievable if they heavily bundle it imo. Still a strech though..

No way, 8mil tops and if they bundle it.

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