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Forums - Sony Discussion - Can Horizon Zero Dawn Sell 10mil Lifetime? (Or Close to It)

8mil lifetime which is incredible for a new ip

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Keyword - Bundles.
Yes if they give it away with every PS4 bundle. Look at UC4. It was in every PS4 bundle last year and it doubled its sales count from 4m to 8m.

Hardly, most likely will hit around 7m.

Only if it's heavily bundled. The game should have decent legs in Europe at least.

I predicted 3 million. I'm doubling down!

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10 million is way too much, it would need better legs than Uncharted to achieve that. I think I've set 5 million as a realistic aim the last time someone mentioned this before it launched, this seems like a given now. I think the ceiling is somewhere around 6.5-7 million, so being the pedantic asshole I am, I'll go with 6.75 million...

mountaindewslave said:
Cloudman said:
If it gets bundled, it has a shot of doing it.

no way does Horizon get bundled. It has as good chance as Breath of the Wild as being bundled. Won't happen. Its a game that sells itself but is not universally accessible for a console bundle like an FPS or sports game would be.

Isn't there already a bundle in Europe, or was that just a rumor?



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5+ million gauranteed, 10 million on the other hand will be tough.

Currently the only Sony IP to have sold over 10 million in a single entry is Gran Turismo (Uncharted 4 will probably reach it though) so im gonna have to go with no it wont reach it.

7-8 million is my guess, which is great.

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I can see it selling more (probably quite a lot) than Watch Dogs, but less than Uncharted 4

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6 Million tops.

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