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Zisbest said:
Great job THQNordic. Well... I guess I'll finally get Darksiders I.

Your signature has never been so fitting. lol

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its a good game. I beat it on pc last year. I hope it has the same Gamepad features as DSII but that may be expecting too much. Glad to hear there is still some love and integrity around partnerships and our little console. I don't care if it didn't sell well. It still has great games and I love my Wii U.

Darksiders II was a pretty good game. I hear the first one is better so I will get a copy.

This reminds me I should probably buy it for PS4, it was already dirt cheap when it released, and is even cheaper now lol... glad to hear they're actually doing a Wii U release, wonder how long it'll be before both games are ported to Switch in a double pack akin to Dragon Quest Heroes, lol...

... Although more importantly; When are we getting Darksiders 3?! :P

great!! one more worthy game for WiiU, Darksiders 2 port was really good

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RolStoppable said:
zippy said:
I'm a Switch owner now, but am a huge Wii U fan ( which my daughter has bagged), and I'm so pleased Wii U owners are getting a fantastic game to sign off the console. When the dust settles I'm sure the Wii U library will be looked upon fondly.

You say that as if Breath of the Wild was either a disappointment or didn't happen at all.


You mean it happened??

NintendoPie said:
RolStoppable said:

You say that as if Breath of the Wild was either a disappointment or didn't happen at all.

You can't reason with people who are praising a company for making a terrible business decision like that.


Goodwill is lost in this industry mostly. Nice to see there is some integrity with some companies, they announced a project and saw it through hence the praise. You cant reason with people who cant give credit where its due.

SegataSanshiro said:
This might be a game to keep sealed if you want reselling value. Might become rare in the future just because of a low print run and one of the last Wii U games.

I doubt the value will be that high considering its on atleast 5 other platforms.

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I'm still active, and yes I'm getting this physical. I'm actually really excited, I always wanted to play this game. I'm glad thq Nordic is releasing it.

If I didn't own this physical on PS4 I might have picked it up just because its so random, I think if people where allowed to place a bet a few weeks ago the majority would have assumed it would be cancelled, lol.

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