Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Darksiders Warmastered coming to Wii U May 23rd

That's pretty cool. I might get it as a collector's item.

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Kudos to them, probably one of the last few games being released for Wii U :p

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I absolutely loved Darksiders 2, so I was pretty stoked when I heard about this moons ago.  At this point, I had just figured that it would be cancelled.  This is welcome news and I will gladly buy a copy.  In a way I would have perhaps liked to have seen it ported to Switch, but that would delay it further and...well, I have a Game Cube bc Wii, "U" and a Switch all set up and ready for whatevah.  Nice to see THQ sticking with it.  I just hope for their sake, that it sells enough to make the effort worthwhile.

Ultrashroomz said:

Can't wait to see how much it ends up selling.

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THQNordic is gaining my respect.

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I might buy the game just because of this! Great move! Wii U is resurrected!

I liked the Gamepad features of DS2 - I hope this has them as well.

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Dang it, I have been following this story for a year now.

I think everyone's preorders sealed the deal. Was hard for them to say no.

Even 1-5,000 pre orsers would be a good amout of money to pass up.

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I'm a Switch owner now, but am a huge Wii U fan ( which my daughter has bagged), and I'm so pleased Wii U owners are getting a fantastic game to sign off the console. When the dust settles I'm sure the Wii U library will be looked upon fondly.

in my wishlist for a long time, will definitely get it for the WiiU. :)